‘Season of Love’: The queer holiday movie we deserve

Tis’ the season people watch a million holiday movies, fa la la la la la la la. Here is one you need to see! If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community your options are limited to one storyline in, “Let it Snow.” Well, I have some great news, the time has come! Let me introduce you to,  Season of Love!


Tello Films

Tello Films brings us the first Queer holiday movie! The film focuses around three female couples: Iris and Mardou, Lou and Kenna, and Janey and Sue. We follow them over the course of Christmas through New Year’s. This movie brings you drama, music, comedy, and most importantly, love. If you need something to hit you in the feels, this one’s for you. 

“I am so glad that the community has a holiday movie this year! We couldn’t keep waiting for mainstream networks to make it so we decided to.” -Christin Baker (Director)

The film was written by Kathryn Trammell. It features realistic dialogue and fantastic comedy! I promise you will laugh the entire course of this movie. 

The Couples

Tello Films

The first characters we are introduced too are Iris (Emily Goss) and Mardou (Laur Allen). Iris has just been left at the altar by her fiancé, Theo. Stupid Theo. Theo’s Sister, Mardou, (also Iris’ friend) is left to pick up the pieces. Iris’ story centers around finding her own sense of self without Theo. Mardou helps her get there and grows with her. This couple wins the, “Most Tension Award.” You will see what I mean!

The second couple, we see are Lou (Jessica Clark) and Kenna (Sandra Mae Frank). Lou is the adorable klutz we all know. She owns a brewery, and Kenna is her neighbor and a welder. Their paths cross when Lou accidentally hires Kenna and her friend, Charlie, to work on her brewery. The catch? As of recently, Lou did not like Kenna and Charlie. She claimed they were horrible neighbors. Also, as far as inclusivity goes, this film is on point. Sandra Mae, a deaf actress, plays a deaf character and she brings it! Kenna and Lou grow close as they work. This couple wins the award for, “Most Awkward Moments.”

Finally, we have Sue (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Janey (Janelle Marie). Janey is back from being stationed far away. Sue is a struggling musician with anxiety about performing. We watch the two navigate through their struggles, anxiety, and trust. This couple wins the award for, “Sweetest Moments.”

The Music

Tello Films

The writing, directing, and acting in Season of Love is great. Like most great films, they wouldn’t be where they are without the music. Season of Love brings us some fantastic tunes. These songs and melodies carry a lot of emotion and you feel it in every part of your being. The artists are incredibly talented and each add their own spin to the film. 

  • Josh Alexander, creates wonderful themes for each character.
  • Dominique Provost-Chalkley debuts her beautiful voice.
  • Sami Grisafe brings us that cool, edgy vibe.
  • Bonnie Ferrar gives us an incredibly heartwarming song. 

You can find all of these beats here.

In Conclusion

I had the pleasure of going to the Season of Love L.A. Movie Premiere. Watching the movie with a theater full of LGBTQ+ and their allies was an experience I will never forget. This movie meant so much to me and many other people. 

Not only is the script clever, the music warms you. I am also happy to say having met a great deal of the cast and crew, they are all so sweet and grateful. If you want to check out the movie or gift it to someone for the holidays, here are a few links:

Thank you to all those involved in this film. Now, go watch it!

Featured image: Season of Love


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