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‘Supernatural’ 15×08 review: “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven” is a game changer

Supernatural 15×08 recap: Season 15, Episode 08, “Last Call,” Aired December 5, 2019

Season 15 has been building up to a showdown between the Winchesters and God. They have been searching for info on how to cage him and they finally have a lead from someone we did not expect to be joining their side – Michael! That would be a little more comforting if God hadn’t just lured one of the boys into a trap! AHHHH! Here’s what went down in this game changing mid-season finale! 

The Deets: 

Casi-NOOOOOOOO. God is pissed and it’s not good for anyone. The show opens with a casino full of limp bodies everywhere. It’s not a good scene. The poor waitress serves a drink to the only person who isn’t laying lifeless on the floor – God. It seems that wrath thing wasn’t a myth and it’s terrifying. It also shows us that if Chuck really wanted to, he could kill the Winchesters with the blink of an eye, which is even more worrisome now that he is off the rails. God needs to take a breather.

Hunters unite. God needs to be taken down and the boys are finally united enough to do it. Cas, Sam and Dean think they know where to start – the demon tablet. That means they need to go fetch a Prophet, but unfortunately, their Prophet (Donatello) is soulless and tends to go crazy when translating the tablets. Donatello finds a tiny clue that leads them to the idea that Michael might know a way to lock God up, but Chuck gets wind of it and talks through Donatello to tell them to stop. Poor Donatello. 

Go to Hell. Cas, Dean and Sam ignore Chuck’s warning and head to Hell to have a chat with Michael. They are met with an immediate ass kicking until, ROWENA COMES TO THEIR RESCUE! She is running Hell now and it’s so nice to see her again!

No regrets. This episode is packed with crazy shiz and yet they pause to remind us that Cas and Dean are still fighting and that they need to make up. Rowena immediately senses the tension between them and tells them to squash their drama before it’s too late. 

Big Empty

ADAM! Longtime fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Adam is finally out of Hell! Everyone keeps saying that Michael is crazy, but he seems pretty chill as he chats with Adam in a small diner, but the fact that Adam and Michael are BFF’s and chat often is a little weird. Lilith stops by to fetch Michael for God, but Michael zaps her into oblivion. The plan is hinged on finding and talking to Michael, but the boys can’t catch up with Michael as he explores life top side, so Castiel decides to pray to him.

Family chats.  Sam, Dean and Cas try to have a chat with Michael/Adam to get them to join them in their take down of Chuck. Michael is not feeling it, but Adam believes the Winchesters. Michael just needs to see the truth and Cas is there to help him. He shows Michael what Chuck has done over the years and the destructive actions he has taken against the Winchesters and his very own sons.

Michael may have been the loyal son once, but after seeing the dark side of God, he is willing to help the Winchesters. Michael gives Dean the spell to trap God and even opens a door to Purgatory to fetch an ingredient. Purgatory is not a pleasant place, so we aren’t sure how this will go…

Closure. Adam may not have lived the Winchester life, but he knows more about sacrifice than anyone. He has accepted his fate as the vessel of Michael and knows that he was not dealt a fair hand, but is okay with it. Dean apologizing to Adam for not being able to save him is something we have been waiting for for years.

Meanwhile… Eileen had received a sorta weird message from a friend about a vampire nest, but when she and Sam went to help out on the case, it turns out that Chuck was behind the whole thing! He lured Sam right into a trap and we are worried AF.

What did you think of Supernatural 15×08? Are the boys doomed? Hit the comments and let us know!

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