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‘Black Lightning’ 3×09: Top moment from “Earth Crisis”

Jen in crisis!

Black Lightning 3×09 recap: Season 3, Episode 09, “The Book of  Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis,” Aired Dec. 09 , 2019

In Black Lightning 3×09, a much greater crisis than the Markovians or A.S.A. hits Freeland, as the sky turns red! We see Jen sent off to another dimension, where she meets three versions of herself; the Pierce family have a meltdown with worry, not quite knowing what is happening with Jen, and things just turn from bad to worse as the episode continues. Will the crisis ever end?

Lets breakdown the top moment of Black Lightning 3×09 in more detail:

The Arrowverse CW shows are currently in the middle of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, and in this weeks Black Lightning episode, we see the crisis come to Freeland!

Jen is hanging out at Anissa’s place, waiting for Anissa to get back home, when she notices the sky turn red. Jen, goes out to investigate what the hell is going on, when suddenly she collapses and wakes up in another dimension. There, she comes face-to-face with two other Jen’s. UM, WTF is happening! One Jen has been kept in A.S.A. custody after taking extreme measures to ‘save’ Freeland, and the other is a dark Jen. 

In Earth 1, we learn that the reason why Jen is in A.S.A. custody – due to the fact that she put the metahuman cure into the water supply of Freeland. Odell then captured Jen and then locked her away in the Pit. He then let Jen out for Christmas time with the family. Turns out in this Earth, Anissa hasn’t came out yet to the family and Khalil is off to University. Crazy how different things are in reality – right? Anissa is happily out and gay; and then there is Khalil/Painkiller who is, well, a murderer! Anissa and Jen continue chatting, when they are interrupted by A.S.A. soldiers and Odell. They storm into the Pierce family home and cause a huge scene. Odell reveals that the Reverend sold them out, so Odell kills Jefferson in front of the whole family! OMG, thank God this isn’t reality.

Earth 2 Jen isn’t any better, she’s worse! This Jen is working with Odell and has gone bad! Like Khalil is in our reality, Jen has became the A.S.A. weapon of choice. Jen has turned against her family, despite Jefferson’s pleas. Jen argues that she is just doing what he (Jefferson) could never do. But, is that a good thing? Hell no! Jen has lost her self and clearly believes there is no going back from it.

To make sure she was the strongest person in Freeland, Jen took out the Markovians and killed the metas who were being kept in the A.S.A. facility. Then things get crazy when the Pierce family confront Jen with her issues … Jen looses it and ends up killing them all. O-M-G! What has happened to this Jen? Can we just be glad we don’t have this evil Jen running around in the Earth we know.

While Jen had been in and out of conscience, Gambi and the family try to bring her back from the other dimension. Ultimately, they fail. The show ends with the antimatter wave taking over Freeland, and wiping out them all – expect from Black Lightning who is teleported away before he gets killed to. What will happen now?!

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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