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‘Black Lightning’ 3×08: Top 3 moments from “Pale Horse”

Gambi discovers a dark truth!

Black Lightning 3×08 recap: Season 3, Episode 08, “The Book of  Resistance: Chapter Three: Pale Horse,” Aired Dec. 02, 2019

In Black Lightning 3×08Gambi discovers that the world outside Freeland are all unaware why they really got quarantined; Black Lightning joins the Resistance once again, and stands up for the people of Freeland, however this leads to the A.S.A. no longer protecting the Pierce family; Lynn manages to escape the A.S.A. facility thanks to Gambi, but drops the bag of Green Light she stole while fleeing – meaning Lynn will have to prepare for withdrawal symptoms real soon. 

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of Black Lightning 3×08 in more detail:

#1 Gambi discovers a scary truth 

We knew Freeland had been cut off from the rest of the world, but we did not know what the world thought was the reason why. It turns out, that everyone else has been made to believe that Freeland was quarantined due to a SARS viral outbreak. Gambi find out that no one else is aware of the Markovians or the metas. Hmm, something is dodgy about this. Why doesn’t the rest of the country. or world know what’s really going down? 

Gambi comes up with a plan to solve this, allowing Black Lightning to take down the A.S.A. by another method. He manages to get a signal in form outside Freeland, which therefore means that they will be able to get a signal out. Oh, well things just got interesting! Anissa gets the reportor to prepare a message so that Gambi can send to everyone outside Freeland. Thanks to another meta, called Technocrat “TC” (who can talk to and hear computers), they manage to get the video uploaded. Despite having to quickly shut things down (due to the A.S.A. closing in on them), the video actually fully uploads and gets signalled out to the rest of the world. OMG – what will happen now? Will the A.S.A. be forced to step away from Freeland? I can’t wait to find out!

#2 Black Lightning fights back

Henderson and Black Lightning sort out their issues with each other, and join forces together. The A.S.A have took over an apartment building, where their former teacher stays in, and so they try to get her out peacefully. However, she refuses to do so. Their old school teacher explains exactly why she does not want to leave the building, and why it remains so important to her. The apartment building was where a civil rights sit-in took place; along with where she met Barack Obama, and other important memories. 

Black Lightning realizes that he cannot force his teacher to leave, and that she is right to want to protest not to go. Why should she go, just because the A.S.A. want her to? He decides to stay and fight along side the resistance against the A.S.A.! Anissa also turns up and together they take them down. Anissa even has another run in with Painkiller – the two have a great fighting scene, ending with Anissa kicking his ass really. Looks like Painkiller better watch his back!

#3 Lynn breaks free from the A.S.A. facility 

After Black lightning joins forces with the Resistance, the A.S.A. puts their facility on lockdown and officially declares they are no longer protecting the Pierce family. Oh no! With that news out, Lynn needs out of the facility – ASAP! Luckily Gambi saves the day (as usual) and Lynn escapes from the facility, before anything bad could happen to her. Yay, isn’t that just great news?

On another important note: as Lynn was fleeing from the A.S.A. facility, she drops the bag full of Green Light that she stole. Well, that means someone is going to go cold-turkey soon. How will they all react when they discover that Lynn has got hooked on Green Light?

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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