‘Stumptown’ 1×09 recap: The drama heats up in “Dex Education”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Dex Education,” aired Dec. 11, 2019.

The winter finale of Stumptown is here, everyone. Before we go on hiatus, let’s see what happened this episode! In other words, get ready for the drama.

To the window

Dex and Liz wake up in bed together, but they’re adamant that NOTHING happened. Neither knows what happened the night before besides the gambling. Obvs. Dex tells Liz to jump from the balcony so Ansel doesn’t see her there. Poor Grey, man.

Dex’s latest case is the daughter of Perfect Penny, whom she knew back in high school. Apparently, someone planted pills on the daughter. Yikes. Meanwhile, Dex gives Hoffman a rain check on karaoke. Oh man, that would’ve been a fun scene to see. I want a TSwift duet!

Grey confronts Liz because he feels like she’s been skating past him. Why do you gotta hurt him?! WHY? Don’t do this to me — I mean, him…

Back to school

Oh no, Dex is substitute teaching. Lol she is laying down the law, and this should be very interesting. Getting teenagers to listen to you is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.

Ansel divulges to Grey that Liz and Dex had a sleepover. And I am guessing this is when everything goes wrong — well, more wrong. He just comes out and asks Liz if the two of them slept together. She reveals that she doesn’t remember much of anything, whether they had sex or not. I feel so bad for Grey! It’s a terrible situation because it involves his girlfriend AND bff. Oof. 

Dex and Penny decide to push their high school past behind them. Proving that people do change after high school. Yay!


Grey walks up to Dex as she’s talking to Hoffman and asks if  Liz and her had sex. Then he tells her to leave the bar, but Hoffman takes that as his cue to leave, too. Welp, this is going to be messy. Hoffman would rather avoid any conversation, though. Poor Grey AND poor Hoffman. 

Okay, we need more of Tookie in the next half of the season. He’s a good time, and it was cool seeing him and Ansel together. WHAT. The volleyball coach was in on planting the pills? That is all kinds of shady and messed up. Hoffman and his partner catch up with the student who was yelling at the coach about word getting out, and she’s promptly put into handcuffs. I guess you can wave bye bye to that Ivy League school, girl.

Oh my gosh…Hoffman is asking for relationship advice from his partner in a middle of busting into the coach’s house. That is amazing.

Heart-to-heart with a side of chaos

Grey tells Dex that she can only thrive and live with chaos. Quietness is a big no-no for her. He tells her that she ruined his and Liz’s relationship as well as Dex and Hoffman’s. Oh no! He tells her he doesn’t want her around. This was not supposed to happen! Sttoooopppppppp.

Wow, this volleyball coach sure knows how to run away from cops. And she’s still running…I like how Cosgrove and Hoffman were talking about the coach in front of her. Lol.

Dex goes to Sue Lynn to play her back the videos from Liz and her’s wild night out. Looks like Liz was pouring her shots into Dex’s shots. Sue Lynn even tells Dex to “make your bed.” When Dex tries to explain again, Hoffman tells her they should keep things professional. Hmmm. 

Liz is a LIAR. Grey tells her to pack up and get out. Yeah, bye, Liz. She tells Grey that he is fully in love with Dex and will never not be. I- WHAAAAA. Then Ansel tells Dex he wants to move out as a knock sounds at the door. It’s Hoffman, AND GREY PULLS UP AT THAT MOMENT. WTH. Stop the madness.

More of Madeline’s musings

  • Grey’s denim jacket, though!
  • Should I stop rooting for Dex and Grey now? I don’t wanna.
  • Hoffman was looking real good in this episode.
  • I liked that Penny apologized to Dex about high school. Everyone who was mean in high school should take notes.
  • Hoffman’s partner telling him that vulnerability is not weakness is EVERYTHING. Love that! 
  • Dex takes Sue Lynn’s advice and literally makes her bed…which is proving quite difficult for her.

Drama in Stumptown will return soon. What did you think of the winter finale? Sound off or tweet us your thoughts!

You can catch up on the first half of Stumptown season 1 here.

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