EXCLUSIVE: Trailer premiere for DUST’s new sci-fi short ‘Regulation’

Sci-fi entertainment brand DUST is premiering the exclusive trailer for its latest sci-fi short Regulation. The film follows a young social worker who administers behavior-modifying ‘patches’ that guarantee happiness for those who wear it. Every child struggles with coming-of-age emotions: fear, anxiety, social stress. If you had a magic patch you could give your kid to make all of those fears go away, would you use it? By the trailer alone, writer and director Ryan Patch brings sci-fi fans a story worthy of the creepiest Black Mirror episodes. 

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See the film’s official synopsis:

In the near future, a young social worker (Sunita Mani, “Glow”) travels to a small community to administer behavior-modifying “patches” that guarantee happiness for the wearers. She must decide what to do when a precocious girl (Audrey Bennett, “Frozen on Broadway”) refuses to accept the patch.

Watch the exclusive trailer premiere for Regulation, starring Audrey Bennett (“Evil”), Tessa Drake (“Sensitive”), and Sunita Mani (“Glow”):

The film’s official art:

The film premieres December 19 on DUST.


DUST, a division of global content studio Gunpowder & Sky, is the first premium sci-fi entertainment brand that reaches fans across all platforms, giving voice to both emerging and established filmmakers. 

DUST presents thought-provoking science fiction content, exploring the future of humanity through the lens of science and technology. From timeless classics to cutting-edge movies, series, short films, and podcasts, DUST acquires, produces and distributes all content types.

On August 19th, 2019, DUST launched the DUSTx mobile app on both iOS and Android, with a launch on AppleTV soon to follow.


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