‘Single Parents’ 2×10 recap: “Good Holidays to You”

Happy Holidays!

Single Parents 2×10 “Good Holidays to You” aired December 11, 2019.

Single Parents’ fall finale was all about the celebration of the holidays! And it was as cute as you would expect such an episode of a show about parents and their children to be.

Let’s see what happened to our favorite characters in this last episode of 2019!

“You guys didn’t know?!”

Douglas and Poppy have been dating for a little while, now. As viewers, we’ve seen their relationship grow from the start, with its ups and downs. Some (rather important) people still don’t know about them, though: their children.

Indeed, they decided not to tell them, as they haven’t put any label on their relationship just yet. For now, they like this bubble they created for the two of them. A bubble that eventually bursts, when the twins catch them kissing in front of their house.

Of course, they tell Rory about it, before the three of them go and ask Miggy if it’s true.

They don’t seem really pleased by the news at first. But then Rory comes up with an idea and suggests they should use this information to their advantage. The plan is simple: make small comments about how they love their life as it is to make their parents feel guilty and buy them more Christmas presents.

It works perfectly. Until Douglas and Poppy realize what their children are up to and confront them. Rory then asks THE question: do they love each other? Which leads to an awkward silence, with neither Douglas nor Poppy knowing what to answer.

Single Parents 2×10
ABC/Byron Cohen

Thankfully, Douglas’ phone starts ringing (great timing!) and they have to go bail Angie and Will out of jail — and the question is quickly forgotten. It’s only later that night that Poppy brings the topic back up. She wants to make sure this conversation with their children didn’t disturb Douglas.

That’s when he says it: he loves her and wants everyone to know. How cute!

In return, Poppy tells him she loves him too.

I have to admit, I liked these two before, but the more we see them together, the more they grow on me. It might be a bit corny, but I was definitely wishing for them to say ‘I love you’ for the first time during this episode — especially after the cute scene we got of them during the Thanksgiving episode. And my wish came true! This really is the most magical time of the year.

Now it’ll be interesting to see how things go, with their children knowing about their relationship.

Graham’s white Christmas

Angie and Graham are finally out of Douglas’ sauna and back in their own house for Christmas! And, since things didn’t go too well for them in the past months, Angie wants to offer her son the best Christmas she can, by offering him every present on his list.

Problem is, Graham wants only two things: snow, and to meet his dad. Which freaks out Angie, who decides she’s going to drive Graham upstate until she finds some snow. Because there’s no way she can let him see his dad.

As the proud weatherman he is, Will offers to help and rents a cabin for the four of them (with Sophie) somewhere it’s supposed to be snowing. When they arrive, though, they realize it isn’t snowing at all. It’s quite the contrary: even a snow machine couldn’t work in such hot weather. Still, Angie steals one — but she doesn’t succeed in making it work.

Seeing her doing everything she can to bring snow to him, Graham tells her that he knows she read his list to Santa. This leads to him confessing that he asks to meet his dad every year, which he thinks is impossible because Derek doesn’t want to see him. Angie is about to answer him when the police arrive to arrest them.

Hence Douglas having to bail them out of jail.

Thanks to this conversation with Graham, as well as another with Will, Angie eventually reveals to her son that she’s been in contact with Derek and that they should arrange a meeting once they’re back home. I guess this means we’ll see him again soon!

The perfect Christmas card

Single Parents 2×10
ABC/Byron Cohen

While the rest of the group is dealing with their problems, Miggy has other concerns in mind: as in, taking the best picture with Jack for his Christmas card/Instagram post. His new girlfriend, Mrs Pronstroller, is here to help him out but he doesn’t really like her ideas.

According to him, they are corny as hell.” And sure, they might be, but aren’t him and Jack so cute, wearing matching Christmas sweaters?! I think they are.

In the end, though, he finds the perfect picture to take when everyone is at the cabin and it (kind of miraculously) starts snowing outside. It’s a picture of all of them, parents and children; this big beautiful family. This is a corny ending. But I won’t complain about it — it was also the cutest ending I could have asked for a holiday episode!

Some more thoughts

  • Douglas’ hugs… they REALLY seem warm and amazing.
  • I love that both Douglas and Poppy “acted weird” by doing things they usually do on special occasions. They truly are in love with each other!
  • “Feels like a 2020 problem to me.” This is how I’m going to deal with everything for the rest of the month, now.
  • Will is good for both Graham and Angie, just like she is for him and Sophie… This scene between the two of them was short but so sweet!

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×10? Hit the comments and let us know! And don’t forget to tune back in on January 8th for the next episode of Single Parents.


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