Hallmark Christmas movies: Our ultimate guide to holiday cheer

Candy canes, romance, small towns, oh my!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I pretty much would like my life to be a Hallmark Christmas movie. They’re just so perfect and full of holiday cheer. Seeing as Christmas is also my favorite holiday — been listening to Christmas music since, like, Halloween — I wanted to compile a list of my all-time favorite Hallmark Christmas movies throughout the years.

‘Tis the season, everyone!

Love at the Thanksgiving Parade

Okay, I know that the title has “Thanksgiving” in it, but it doesn’t matter because this is one of the best Hallmark holiday movies to ever exist. Although this movie is a few years old, it makes me smile. The main character has the cutest, vintagey style (I want all of her outfits), and she’s a woman on a mission. Throw in a cute, stubborn businessman and the city of Chicago as the backdrop, and you have a movie filled with the holiday spirit and some cute romance.

Window Wonderland

This one is for all the Supergirl fans out there. This movie was really an original concept with heartfelt moments and some laughs in between them falling in love. You wouldn’t think an entire movie basically set within a store would be fun to watch, but it actually really was! Throw in a little sass, and you have the perfect movie. A must-watch every holiday season.

My Christmas Love

All the cliches! The main character is super quirky, which makes her super relatable. It’s a cute tale of love, not just in the romantic sense but family love, too. It’s an unique spin on the 12 Days of Christmas with a surprise twist at the end! You won’t be able to wipe the smile from your face by the end of this movie. Plenty of heartfelt and sweet moments to make you squeal. 

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is one of those movies, that for the past 10 years, I have watched numerous times each holiday season. It has all the Hallmark tropes anyone could ever want. Big, bad businessman? Rugged but handsome stranger? A kiss to close out the story? The Fonz? Check, check, check AND check! Hands down one of my favorite Christmas movies that Hallmark has ever put out. I like to think of it as a Hallmark classic. Now I have to figure out when it’s going to be on; I need to watch it asap.

Christmas Card

This one is super old, one of the OG Hallmark Christmas movies. Although, it doesn’t play as much anymore, but it’s all good because I have it on DVD. A romantic tale of a solider returning home and the woman who wrote him letters while he was overseas. Obviously, they fall in love because what kind of Hallmark movie would that be if they didn’t? Toss in a lame boyfriend to create a little love triangle to add to the holiday fun and suspense. If it’s available somewhere online to watch, I highly recommend. Or buy that bad boy on DVD on Amazon.

A Dream of Christmas

What-if movies are always interesting and add an element of, should we say mystery?, to them. For Penny, she goes on a journey of what would happen if she wasn’t married to her husband Stu. We know that, eventually, a happy ending will come, but it’s fun to see the main character step into a life that’s not really her own. A life that, as it turns out, isn’t as glamorous without the man she loves by her side. L-O-V-E is the theme in this one…as it is with every one. 

Merry and Bright

Stephanie Tanner! This is basically the only new movie on this list, for that I am sorry. This one was cute and literally filled with candy canes. In this one, the businessman is actually the hero of the story that you can’t help but fall in love with. That’s unexpected! It was cute and fun, which is something I always look for in any of my Hallmark movies. Duh.

I could go on and on because Hallmark Christmas movies are kind of my jam, but I’ll leave you with these. Also, if anyone happens to know a prince, duke or rugged and handsome stranger, let me know! 

There’s no doubt these movies will keep you smiling throughout the night and make you want to wrap yourself in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and binge ALL the Hallmark Christmas movies. ‘Tis the seasons, after all!

What’s your favorite Hallmark Christmas or holiday movie? Comment below or tell us on Twitter! I am always look for a new one to watch.

If you’re looking for more holiday movies, check out this list!

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