‘The Flash’ recap: 6×09 “Crisis on Infinite Earths, part 3”

Everything will be destroyed *insert upside down smiley face*

The Flash season 6 episode 9 is the third part of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.

Okay people, strap in, because there is A LOT going on here.

Batman vs Superman, take 2

Kara wants to bring back Earth 38 with the Book of Destiny. Kate, rightfully, thinks this is a Bad Idea™️. She has the Kryptonite from Earth 99’s Bruce Wayne and throughout the hour, contemplates using it. (By the way, since they’ve sorta incorporated Titans into the Arrowverse, they really missed an opportunity to use Iain Glen’s retired British expatriate Bruce Wayne at some point. I feel like he would be hilarious opposite any of the Super- or Batfolk from the CW.)

This set up a nice little Batwoman vs Supergirl conflict. Ultimately, Kate manages to dissuade Kara without having to use the Kryptonite at all, cementing her position as the Paragon of Courage. What was that Dumbledore said? It takes greater courage to stand up to your friends.

the flash crisis on infinite earths supergirl batwoman
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We did not go there again

I thought we were done with the Lazarus pit(s) for good…… I guess not. Mia, Sara, and Barry enlist Constantine to help them revive Oliver – and his soul. Oliver, in turn, seeks out a friend from Earth 666. Lucifer Morningstar. Yes, the Tom Ellis one. They did that.

Lucifer sends Constantine, Mia, and Diggle to Oliver’s purgatory, which is…Lian Yu. Of course it is. There, they encounter a wild Oliver who doesn’t remember who he is. Diggle brings Oliver back with a heartfelt speech. However, a spectre then appears and tells Oliver he has a purpose to save everyone. But that means Oliver cannot return to the world of the living. Oliver accepts this, and the rest return to Earth 1 empty-handed.

On a smaller note

Meanwhile, Iris, Ralph, and Ray headed to Earth 1 to find Dr Ryan Choi, supposedly the ‘paragon of humanity’. The man is an avid Ray Palmer fanboy. His role in all this is not clear yet. However, with Brandon Routh departing Legends of Tomorrow, it’s likely this crossover would prepare Choi to takeover the Atom suit.

The Flash vanishes in Crisis

Cisco tracks the source of the antimatter wave to the tunnels under Central City. Before he leaves to investigate, the Monitor restores his Vibe powers. Nash, now the Pariah, tells Barry, Caitlin and Cisco that he was lured and tricked into releasing the Anti-Monitor from the tunnel cave, thus unleashing the energy wave. Team Flash also learn for the first time that Earth 2 – including Harry Wells and Jessie Quick (also the bomb af WestAllen with Detective Iris West and nervy CSI Barry, rest in peace.)

Cisco vibes Nash’s memories to reopen the cave. Inside is an antimatter cannon powered by the Flash from Earth 90 (John Wesley Shipp), forced to run eternally on a treadmill to power the cannon. Vibe can penetrate the force field and remove the Flash. But removing him triggers a failsafe to make the antimatter cannon explode.

Luckily, Pariah/Nash pulls Black Lightning aka Jefferson Pierce from his earth just before it is destroyed. He is angry Pariah saved him instead of his family, but helps the other heroes siphon off the cannon’s energy.

the flash crisis on infinite earths black lightning
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Barry realises it’s time for him to vanish. He has to run the other way on treadmill, which would reverse the cannon and suck back all its energy, but disintegrate himself in the process. Just before he makes to sacrifice himself, Earth 90 Flash takes Barry’s speed and hops on the treadmill, sacrificing himself instead. After all, the Monitor didn’t specify which Flash would die.

In the last moments of the Earth 90 Flash, we see a clip from the actual 90s The Flash, with Shipp’s Barry Allen and the 90s Tina McGee. Oh my heart…

The other Flash still vanishes??

The Flash (not the one we thought, but a Flash nonetheless) sacrificed himself to stop the energy wave, but at this point, all Earths but Earth 1 have been destroyed.

On the Waverider, Barry and Jefferson bond over lost fathers and daughters. The two men make a pact to fight back against this Crisis no matter what.

Then Laila randomly reappears. Except it’s really the Anti-Monitor possessing her. Laila/Anti-Monitor fights the Monitor and eventually wins out, destroying him, Earth 1, and the Waverider. Pariah quickly sends the paragons to the Vanishing Point – remember that place?

Except, Lex Luthor had kept a page from the Book of Destiny in his back pocket, and used it to switch places with Routh’s Superman in the Vanishing Point. Oh, can we not get rid of this guy?

And now we have to wait a month for the last 2 instalments of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” A month??! Really??!

Well, that gives us plenty of time to come up with theories so let them roll in! We want to hear them. Hit us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

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