Here’s an ‘Arrow’ and Olicity Holiday Reading List

And we got some Mia and Connor... because they're cute

This fan fiction list is dedicated to all the people in the Olicity fandom who work tirelessly to give us content to enjoy. Whether it’s fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, gif sets, and more, you’re appreciated.


And also… we just watched Oliver Queen die without Felicity Smoak by his side so naturally, this also dedicated to all the tears we’ve shed over the last few days.

Here’s our collection of Arrow fan fiction to enjoy over the holiday break, as we gear up for the final installments of Crisis:

strangers in the night (passing in the shadows)

by: fbismoak (midwestwind)

Summary: Felicity doesn’t know who the Hood is and, despite Curtis’ curiosity, she really doesn’t want to know. She just wants their paths to stop crossing.

Free Fall

by: SuperSillyAndDorky06

Summary: Felicity Smoak has never believed in the concept of destined lovers or soulmates. That is, until she encounters a man in green leathers, who seems to have taken an equal interest in her. And she develops very non-platonic feelings for one hot billionaire playboy too. Oliver Queen and The Vigilante are vying for the spot of her destined lover and the tension is hilarious but dark forces await. Her life will never be the same.
SOULMATE AU. Loosely follows Season 1.

kissing death and losing my breath

by: fbismoak (midwestwind)

Summary: “In the grand scheme of things, she figures she’s probably due for a mental break anyway.”

Picks up immediately after the end of 2×07.

late night secret gatherings

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: Post-8×04. Oliver catches Mia sneaking out of the apartment and follows her to find that she’s secretly meeting Connor in the bunker for stress relief in the form of training. What he witnesses between them is more than enough to cause his overprotective fatherly instincts to flare up.

The Legacy of a Queen

by: inlovewithimpossibilty

Summary: Series of one-shots from a future AU where Oliver and Felicity are able to raise their children after they defeat the Ninth Circle and Oliver hangs up the hood.

Sins of the past

by: tanmaree

Summary: Felicity Smoak has met Oliver Queen before, had a whole relationship with him. He doesn’t remember it. She wishes she could forget. Felicity turned back time to ensure her niece would live, survive and be protected. Anastasia Smoak became Thea Queen.

Soul Shine

by: Bre

Summary: Soulmate AU. Humans are incapable of having sex unless they find their “soulmate,” their perfect match. It’s been decades since there’s been a documented case of soulmates anywhere, but scientists believe they are finally closing in on the rare “soulmate gene.” Felicity is one of the few who doesn’t put stock in the idea, until Dr. Wells sends her to Starling City.

Perfect Paradise [Tearing at the seams]

by: andachippedcup

Summary: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are star-crossed soulmates. In every life, in every time, they find each other and fall madly in love with each other. And in every life, in every time, one will make a final request of the other that their lover will, for whatever reason, be unable to fulfill. Every time a last wish goes unfulfilled, the soulmates are doomed in their present life and are forced to endure another lifetime of love cut short. Until the two lovers are both able to successfully fulfill their last wishes to each other, the cycle of love and loss repeats itself over and over again in an endless circle that only Oliver and Felicity can break – if they are strong enough to persevere in the name of love.


by: Mel_Sanfo

Summary: When Felicity Smoak agrees to go to an Alpha/Omega Masquerade party, to support her friend on her first time meeting her Mate, the last thing she expects is for a dashing stranger to make her reveal some of her most well kept secrets.

Some God like intervention

by: CaptianSammyAngel

Summary: Oliver couldn’t believe who was in front of him, his kids. With them in the past, maybe Mia, Wiliam, and Oliver will get some questions they’re dying to get answered. Will they get some hugs and some family time in the middle of it all?


Summary: how does one react when their evil lookalike from another earth pops up and with their significant other? not well.

And then you walked into my life

by: OliversMuse

Summary: Felicity Smoak is a down on her luck IT specialist who has taken a job walking dogs. She enjoys the animals and less stress but she wants to get back into her field as soon as she can. Oliver Queen is a CEO of the most lucrative tech company in Star City. He has recently adopted a new puppy as a way to relieve his stress and decides to hire a dog walker. He never expects the blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty that shows up at his door and will change his life forever.

Brace For Impact

by: Vixx2pointOh

Summary: Felicity Smoak hated mysteries.

The sinking of the Gambit was one she thought she could solve four years after it went down.

But when her helicopter crashes on Lian Yu she finds more than she bargained for.

Or Tarzan meets Beauty & the Beast meets Castaway meets Olicity meets Winter Soldier.

Emerald Archer Martial Arts

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: In May 2019, a tired Oliver Queen and four months pregnant Felicity Smoak retire from their vigilante duties and move to the redwood forest town of Bloomfield with their son William, to raise their family in peace.

Along the journey, they build their own successful companies, increase the size of the Smoak-Queen clan by a couple more, train their kids in self-defense, and live out a blissful existence.

This is the story of 7 years of their happiness and family antics, after 7 years of crime-fighting and hardship to save their city.

The Sound of an Arrow

by: thecomebackkids99

Summary: Five years ago, Oliver Queen lost his wife in a car accident.

Twenty years ago, Felicity Smoak’s father kissed her on the forehead and disappeared from her life.

Now, she is the nanny for the six adorable Queen children, fighting to restore love in the mansion and trying to deal with the difficult-to-get-along-with Oliver, all the while as she continues to stumble upon evidence that could drag the Queen family further into darkness.

The Blame Game

by: inlovewithimpossibility

Summary: After they recover from their sudden appearance in the past, what’s left of FTA still need to deal with what happened before they left. Mia and Connor both seek a moment of peace and Mia’s brother and father are the guiding hand she needs as she feels like she’s drowning.

Intruder Alert

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: Felicity arrives home late to the Smoak-Queen family cabin and for a moment, is scared somebody has broken in. She’s even more shocked to find Mia asleep on the couch with her apparent boyfriend Connor.

Find Some Peace

by: SmoakingGreenArrow

Summary: In Star City 2040, William recognizes that something about the future feels off. Believing that things can’t get worse than a world without superheroes (or their parents being together), William and Mia travel back in time to find answers


by: behindblueyes72

Summary: As a child Oliver Queen wanted to be normal. He wanted to blend into the shadows, to not stand out. But, as he grew he realized there were more like him.

The world called them “Phenomenons”. Electrokinetics, Shields, Shifters, Refractors, and others. So what happens when he meets a Refractor that he cannot get off his mind? Will she be the one to finally help him to embrace his abilities or will it be a collision that destroys them both?

Curved Reality: What If

by: adcgordon

Summary: Oliver Queen is an actor in an unhappy marriage who has fallen in love with his costar Felicity Smoak. With their show ending, Felicity is already making her break and trying to move forward. Oliver hasn’t reached that point yet… So can their love overcome the distance and the curves they face in the separation?

The one thing they both know and can’t forget… They are soulmates.

only you can ease my mind

by: inlovewithimpossiblity

Summary: Mia positively grins at Felicity. Her face lights up at the sight of her mother and her little limbs wriggle in the most adorable sight Oliver thinks he’s ever seen. It’s like she’s just so excited to be in Felicity’s presence. Not that he can argue with that, Oliver one hundred percent agrees with his daughter on the fact that being in her mother’s presence is something to grin about. What’s put him in a mood, however, is that Mia never seems to smile at him.

Once and Future Queen

by: anthfan

Summary: Post season 1. When Tommy Merlyn’s child shows up at the doorstep of Verdant abandoned by her mother, Oliver and Felicity agree to pose as her parents. In the process of raising Tommy’s daughter, they grow closer to each other.

star city politics

by: babswonder

Summary: Future ficlet in where Ada Smoak-Queen is insistent on having a puppy and “subtlely” tries to hint at it to her parents at breakfast one morning.

2 + 2 Equals a Family

by: mogirl97

Summary: When Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak both reach for the last Lego Batman set on the shelf at the same time one December night while holiday present shopping for their kids, they have no idea that their chance encounter is going to change their lives.

Forever Is Composed Of Nows

by: Bre and So_Caffinated

Summary: Sometime in the not-so-distant future, things aren’t going all that well. At least that’s the story Oliver and Felicity are told when a supposed time-traveler (and their supposed friend who is a supposed superhero supposedly named The Flash) pops up in the lair with a toddler in tow… who calls them momma and daddy. The Flash can’t quite control when he’s going at this point and there’s a big bad chasing him through the years. The future isn’t safe for little Elizabeth Queen at the moment (even if The Flash could get her there), but her once and future parents haven’t got a clue what to do with her. Slade Wilson, however… he might have his own agenda when he finds out his nemesis is apparently a father.

little wonders (twists and turns of fate)

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: Oliver and Felicity’s drunken mistake of a hook-up in the bunker comes with unexpected consequences in the form of a… souvenir.

Deciding to remain romantically uninvolved, the two of them will have to battle all the trials and tribulations of maintaining a platonic relationship while Felicity is pregnant and the two of them are living together, coping with all the emotional baggage that they both bring to the table – and dealing with the fact that they are still very much in love with each other, but scarred by the events that broke them apart in the first place.

every breath you take, every move you make (i’ll be watching you)

by: babswonder

Summary: FBI Agent John Diggle and NSA Analyst Felicity Smoak have been working on a months-long operation to make a move against the Bratva until it all goes wrong. Oliver Queen is driving back from a party one night when he picks up a Russian mobster off the side of a bridge fresh out of a car accident. That night Oliver is offered a chance to join the ranks of the Bratva, but Felicity and John grab him to go undercover for him. Their jobs are on the line, trusting a billionaire frat boy to take down the Solntsevskaya Bratva, but it’s the only chance they’ve got. Oliver’s journey is a long one, but he’s got these two on his side.

Like A Queen

by: leli1013

Summary: Oliver doesn’t treat Felicity like she’s just his EA and people are starting to notice.

Game Changer

by: bri617

Summary: Oliver Queen is a lot of things: captain and starting quarterback of the Starling City Archers, single dad to a 9-year old boy, son of billionaires. But his life is turned upside down when he meets Felicity Smoak (probably the only woman in Starling who doesn’t know who he is).

Your Love Is A Waiting Game

by: sara2117

Summary: Oliver returns to Starling City after The Undertaking and it was back to business as usual for Felicity until a drunken night of passion led to a missed period and a positive pregnancy test. Think that’s the worst part? Nope, it gets way worse. It wasn’t some random guy she met at a bar she woke up next too, oh if only she had been that lucky. It’s the hooded vigilante known as The Arrow himself, her boss, her friend, Oliver Queen….and he doesn’t even remember.
Oh, it couldn’t suck any worse.
And that was just the beginning of her story.

The Love of a Knight

by: OliversMuse

Summary: Oliver Queen is a knight for hire that has been asked to travel to Gliestan to help stop a Lord who has been killing and oppressing his people. While there he meets a beautiful, mysterious woman by the name of Felicity who lives on the outskirts of the town. She is feared by the people in the village because of a rumor that she harbors mystical powers and her ability to speak to animals. Her pet panther Alara does not help her reputation. As Oliver tries to focus on his mission his encounters with the beautiful woman haunt his dreams. Can love blossom between the battle hardened warrior and the woman who he never expected to meet?

Words in My Memory

by: andachippedcup

Summary: After saying goodbye to Oliver in Nanda Parbat, Felicity Smoak returns to Starling City knowing life will never be the same. Little does she know just how different her life is about to become as the repercussions of her night of shared passion with Oliver come to light.

As Long as You Follow

by: Nerdofmytalents

Summary: My own spin on this classic Arrow Olicity trope. This story operates on the trope that somehow before leaving on the Queen’s Gambit, Oliver met Felicity and they had an intimate night together, resulting in a little boy named Aaron Jonas Smoak

The Hardest Part

by: SmoakingGreenArrow

Summary: What if Felicity found out she was pregnant with Lucas after Oliver left and she’d have to raise both of their kids without him. Then Oliver would come back five years later to check on his girls only to find Mia playing with a slightly younger boy who looks exactly like him.

the Liam Chronicles

by: foreverfelicityqueen (stydiaredstring)

Summary: William is struggling with coming clean to his parents about why he really got kicked out of school. Maybe a night out with his best friend, Zoe will bring him some clarity? Or complicate things more?

There goes my life

by: smkkbert

Summary: This series is about teenage Oliver and Felicity finding their way into being very young parents. We will see them working through issues during the pregnancy and the baby’s first two to three years.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends

by: felicityollies

Summary: Felicity stumbles upon the lair after getting drunk at Verdant. She meets the Hood, but it doesn’t go as she expects.

The Beast Within

by: felicityollies

Summary: When Oliver’s boat went down in the North China Sea, he had no idea how much his life was going to change. He never had a choice in anything that happened to him. Never had a choice in what he became; a monster with blood soaked teeth. When a woman crosses his path by chance, he can’t help but find her completely intoxicating. There’s just something about her, but it’s a fleeting moment and he knows he must let go. He’ll never see her again, anyway. There’s no chance for someone like him to even consider letting something so beautiful enter his life. But Oliver is going to learn that sometimes fate can be a fickle bitch.

Will Fate Allow?

by: mindramblings

Summary: Seeing her parents marriage dissolve at a young age made Felicity yearn for a healthy marriage of her own. She thought she’d finally found what she was looking for when Billy Malone showed up offering her what her heart desired. She thought she was happy and had everything she could want, but things began to unravel. Slowly she turned to someone who had become a unparalled constant in her life…Oliver Queen.

Oliver and Felicity are the definition of polar opposites. He is the mob boss that strikes fear in the hearts of many, while she is seen as the sweet girl next door, but there is more to both of them underneath the surface. Along the way, they become connected to one another leading to their lives being intertwined forever.

Defend Not The Man, But The Mind

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: In a world where scientists attempted to genetically engineer the perfect super soldier by experimenting with combining different DNA, but their experiments went wrong and the subjects escaped, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City no longer human, and with no memory of his past life.

Conservationists are desperate to investigate, categorise and preserve the new, critically endangered species of homo bellator custos, but Oliver’s not exactly on board with cooperating, not when he’s got a duty to fulfil and a city to protect and save.

But then things start getting more complicated when he starts to remember; he begins finding allies in humans he thinks he knew in his past, and a certain blonde IT girl gets pulled into the mix.



In case you missed it, we have an abundant collection of Olicity fan fiction over here at :

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Read these and smile, cry, squeal, or laugh. Or all of the above. Enjoy!


Arrow returns for part 4 of the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event, January 14, 2020 at 8 PM on The CW!



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