‘Batwoman’ 1×09 recap: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2

Batwoman Season 1, Episode 9, “Crisis On Infinite Earths: Part 2” Aired Dec. 9, 2019.

While the second chapter of Crisis was much more subdued than the first, we still have some fun stuff to discuss!

Let’s get into it!


The Monitor and Harbinger bring all the heroes to the Earth-74 Waverider to discuss next steps. The next steps being: PARAGONS! Find the Paragons, because they’re our only hope.

He says that Paragons are “beings of the purest will” and we need all 7. If you catched the season 8 opener of Arrow, it was heavily implied that Oliver is one of these Paragons. Now, given that Oliver is dead… this may allude to his fate in episodes to come… but we can discuss theories on that later.

But with the help of Felicity Smoak (who I will personally call the Paragon of Genius), The Monitor was able to identify 4 of the 7.

✨Brief moment of appreciation for Felicity Megan Smoak, Queen of DCTV forever and always, who “earned the books wisdom”.✨

The first Paragon being: Kara Zor El, Paragon of Hope.

Second: Sara Lance, Paragon of Destiny.

The rest he only had descriptions for:

A second Kryptonian who has suffered a greater loss than most mortal men could endure, is the Paragon of Truth. Which is later revealed to be Brandon Routh’s Superman from the 2006 movie, Superman Returns.

The Bat of The Future, is the Paragon of Courage. And is later found out to be none other than Batwoman herself, Kate Kane!

I think I like where this is going. The main peeps (and Brandon Routh) from their own shows will be revealed to be Paragons as well. Kara, Sara, and Kate have been named, but soon Barry and Oliver will be named too. But that still leaves one more… (I mean it’s Felicity Smoak, Paragon of Genius… right?! I know, I know… just let me dream okay?!)

However, calling these heroes Paragons did imply them to be saint-like figures. And Kara did have a nice response in that regard. Her earth was just destroyed, her mother and the people of Argo were killed, she’s not feeling very hopeful right now. And what I like about Kara’s journey in this episode, is it highlights all of these heroes humanity amongst all the praise and Paragon-ship. These Paragons can still feel their feelings, have their doubts and insecurities, but when they are at their best, they embody these characteristics like no other. Kara radiates hope, Sara lights a path to your destiny, Clark (Brandon Routh) will reveal and fight for the truth, and Kate wears her courage like a second skin.

Team Talk To Depressing Bruce Wayne

Kara and Kate go together to find Bruce Wayne of a parallel future earth that they think at the time to be the Paragon of Courage. But alas, he’s not because this is Evil!Batman.

He’s stuck in a mansion with a shirtless Luke, (Luke and Bruce were totally hooking up, right?) he began to kill villains and have a taste for it, then the real kick in the butt, he killed Superman! He made an exoskeleton suit with Kryptonite so he can kill a Kryptonian.

Meeting Evil!Batman was what Kate needed in order to be named a Paragon. She is “The Bat of The Future”, afterall.

Now, I think I had the same reaction a lot of us had when we first heard she was also a Paragon… isn’t that a little soon? I mean, Kate even addresses our concerns herself. She literally just joined the superhero club and now we’re all the sudden calling her a Paragon? But, I think Kara’s journey and her perspective eased my mind. Kate is a hero, and she’s proved herself.

Team Smallville

Clark, Lois, and Iris go to Smallville Clark’s earth to see if he’s the Paragon of Truth, and to warn him Lex Luthor is out to get him. Oh, BTW, The Monitor revived Lex and let him take the book for some reason, apparently he has a plan.

But unfortunately, Smallville Clark is not the Paragon of Truth because he gave up his powers (didn’t know that was an option for Kryptonians) to live a normal life on his farm with Lois and their kids. And when Lex shows up and zaps the other Clark, Lois, and Iris away, he tries to use Kryptonite to kill Smallville Clark. But, Smallville Clark just throws the Kryptonite and punches Lex in the face. The end.

So round two. They go to Ray Palmer Superman’s earth to see if he is the Paragon of Truth! And he is! He has suffered quite a lot given that his wife and support staff at The Daily Planet were all killed by a “reject from Gotham” that gassed the building.

Lex shows up again and gets Arrowverse Clark to fight Ray Palmer Clark, with the book. But Lois knocks Lex out and is able to get through to Ray Palmer Clark, and they go back to the Waverider!

Team Lazarus Pit

Mia Smoak is not happy about Oliver dying. Same, girl! With the help of Barry, Constantine, and Sara, they find a working Lazarus Pit on an earth. They go to it, and they find its occupied by some gross mysoginistic cowboy, so naturally, Mia and Sara beat him up. I love them.

They dip Oliver in the pit, and he comes out without his soul. As you do. But Constantine can’t get his soul back because of all of the anti-matter that polluted the atmosphere, I guess? It made sense when I watched it.

We kick off the next episode with the Anti-Monitor getting in contact with Lyla!

Stray Musings:

  • LOL at Mick wanting to be a writer.
  • Sara was understandably cautious about the pit, but girl can’t really preach “danger” when she’s standing here alive and well. Just saying. #TeamMia
  • Ruby Rose and Melissa Benoist have a wonderful chemistry together.
  • I like that Sara was beginning to tell Mia about her and Oliver’s shenanigans when they were younger.
  • Mick was reading the baby his smutty romance novel, LOL!
  • I’m starting to think the Spectre theory with Oliver is what is really happening. And I love it! I mean I always thought that, given Stephen Amell’s propensity for revealing plot lines in vague tweets:

Catch part 3 of Crisis on Infinite Earths on Dec. 10, at 8 PM on The CW!



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