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‘Supergirl’: “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One”

Arrowverse, is everyone okay? No. Me neither. Tonight was the first episode of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover,” on Supergirl. There is so much to unpack. Grab your tissues and your pets and let’s get into it. 

Goodbye, Argo City

The episode opens on many Earths dying and an insane amount of cameos. (We will get to the cameos later.) We cut to the Superfriends at the DEO. Brainy explains what we all know at this point, that all the Earths are dying. The nearest planet in the path to destruction is Argo City. 

  1. Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) are in their house taking care of Baby Johnathon. 
  2. Kara’s Mom (Erica Durance) comes in and informs them, of the planet’s destruction. 
  3. Clark and Lois shoot Baby John to Kara’s Earth. (Or so they thought.) 

Argo City is dying. Clark doesn’t have his powers on Argo, so can do nothing to stop it. The Monitor whisks Clark and Lois away, leaving Kara’s Mom to die. 

Poor Kara, she has now seen Krypton die twice. Clark and Lois land in the DEO. They are joined by, Batwoman, Arrow, Mia, Flash, Sara, Ray, Supergirl, Alex, Brainy, Harbinger, The Monitor and J’onn. Yes there are a lot of heroes in the DEO. 

The Missions

They all introduce themselves to each other. Lyla informs them The Monitor has been placing towers throughout history to protect certain Earths. The Anti-Monitor and his essentially Dementor looking demons are coming. 

  • Oliver, Mia, Atom, and Batwoman must defend The Towers for as long as they can. 
  • Sara, Lois, and Brainy go to find Baby John who got knocked off course in a parallel Universe.
  • J’onn, Nia, Kelly, Lena, and Alex must stay to evacuate the people off the planet. (Via the alien ships.)

I don’t really know what Barry does most of the time. Maybe we find that out later? Lena and Alex are able to stabilize the towers long enough for the rest of the Superfriends to evacuate the planet. (They are only able to evacuate 3 billion. 

Kara and Clark keep the solar panels on the tower running. Then Barry joins them in the fight to defend The Towers. 

Goodbye, Oliver Queen.

This next part was quite shocking. We all knew Oliver Queen was going to die. What I didn’t figure, was he would die in Part One. 

The team evacuates Kara’s Earth. There are one or two ships left. The Monitor starts evacuating the heroes. Oliver is the last one. He gets too Oliver. Our Green Arrow refuses to go until everyone is gone. He fights the demons by himself. When he finally appears, he is almost dead. 

This activates his goodbyes. Grabs tissue. Oliver says his final goodbyes to Barry, Ray, Kara, Sara, and Mia. When he gets to Mia, 

“Find your Mother and tell Felicity I love her. Tell William. Mia, I love you.”

Yes I am crying when I write this. Then he dies. I don’t have the write words quite yet, to describe his death. All I can come up with is this. 

“Without Oliver Queen, none of this would have been possible. We thank you, we love you, and we will miss you.”

Tomorrow, on Batwoman our heroes will deal with the fallout and the battle to come. Tune in tomorrow night for the second part of the crossover.


  1. Burt Ward
  2. Erica Durance
  3. Will Wheaton
  4. Old Oliver Queen
  5. Two Titans (Hawk and Tim Drake)
  6. Ray (From 2 crossovers ago.)
  7. Robert Wulh (Alexander Knox, in “Batman”)

If I forgot some, please forgive me!




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