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The Fandalorian Podcast Episode 4: There’s no safety in the swamp

This Mandalorian Podcast—er, Fandalorian Podcast—recaps Disney+’s hit series The Mandalorian. Tune in with its 3 hosts and uber Star Wars fans for breakdowns on the lore behind the series and predictions for the season.

This week on The Fandalorian Podcast, we dive into Chapter 4, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. Our renegade duo lands on a planet to hide from post-Empire/pre-The First Order baddies, but their visit is far from quiet. We finally met the former Rebellion soldier in the series’ promo poster, Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano, and saw one of the best Star Wars battles—ever, in the episode’s small village marsh (swamp?) setting.

Tune into our latest Fandalorian Podcast episode for the following:

  • New info on Baby Yoda and where he came from;
  • If Yaddle, the female of Yoda’s species seen in The Phantom Menace, is Baby Yoda’s mother;
  • All the Star Wars Easter Eggs in the episode;
  • Why Cara is bad.f***ing.ass;
  • More lore around Mandalorian culture and Mando/Pedro’s past;
  • Bonus: Proof that Rey is Anakin Skywalker’s clone and more Episode IX talk

Listen here:

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