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‘Supernatural’ 15×07 review: “Last Call”

"Roadhouse rules."

Supernatural 15×07 recap: Season 15, Episode 07, “Last Call,” Aired December 5, 2019

Friendships are tested – HARD and the boys each have a mini-brush with death (what else is new). Oh, and things get a little musical in Supernatural 15×07!

Let’s break it all down! 

Worst after party EVER. After a night of drinking, two gals make their way out of the bar to their car in an empty parking lot – never a good sign on this show. One of the women is wasted and goes off to throw up when the sober friend vanishes! The sober friend is snatched by a monster and is being held in a creepy basement. Cue the scream. 

A case (of beer) and a disappearance. Dean is still pretty messed up after everything that has been going on with God and whatnot and is desperate for a case to distract himself. He spots a story on the news about the missing woman and leaves a hungover (and adorable) Sam and Eileen in the bunker and heads out to investigate. The case leads him to the most Dean bar EVER where he bumps into an old friend!

Cas is back. Just as Sam and Eileen were about to get a little smoochy, Cas barrels into the bunker. He has a new thought on how to track down God. He thinks that a piece of Sam’s soul is in God, which would explain the link they have. Cas tries to probe Sam’s wound to see what they can see, but he blasts him into the wall and knocks him out instead. This will not help mend the issues between Dean and Cas…

Living the dream. Dean is supposed to be working the case, but instead he’s catching up with an old hunter friend (Christian Kane, who Angel fans will remember as the jerk, Lindsey) who is living his dream. Leo walked away from hunting and opened a bar – a dream life for Dean. They drink and chat about  old times and even perform a kick-ass duet. It’s super fun, but something seems a little off about Leo. 

sips tea

Sam’s dying (again). Cas calls in Sergei, an uber creepy Russian shaman, to assess Sam’s wound and he determines that Sammy-cakes is dying. His soul tether to God is killing him and Castiel’s probing made it worse. Whoops. There is a whole back and forth thing with Sergei and honestly, we aren’t super sure why Cas would ever invite this dude into the bunker or even call him, but whatevs. Sam’s alive. 

Dean’s buddy. Welp, in a super not fun (and not surprising) turn of events, Dean finds the body of the young woman he is searching for and is knocked out by his buddy, Leo. Leo takes him to the same basement where the young woman was being held and spills the deets of his little murderous life. He quit hunting and has been using a monster to provide him with wealth and good fortune, he just has to feed it. Not cool, bro.

“I kill monsters.” Leo hooks Dean up to bleed out, but Dean busts out almost immediately (obvs) and kills the monster. Leo and Dean engage in a western style gun battle in the bar before going for the pool cues and broken beer bottles for weapons. Dean kills Leo and seems to find his renewed passion in why he keeps fighting and caring.

Let’s do this. Dean and Cas have a supes awkward encounter when Dean comes back from killing one of his old pals. You’d think that everything that happened with Leo would make Dean realize who his real friends are and make up with his angelic bestie, but nope. That’s okay, they have bigger fish to fry because Sam is convinced that his glimpse into Chuck’s mind has shown him that they can finally defeat him. The team is back together and ready to take on God! Woo! Go team!

What did you think of Supernatural 15×07? Can they finally take down Chuck? Hit the comments and let us know!

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