‘Single Parents’ 2×09 recap: “A Place Where Men Can Be Men”

It’s time to give Graham “The Talk”!

Single Parents 2×09 “A Place Where Men Can Be Men” aired December 4, 2019.

This new episode felt like all the parents switched kids for a day. Which I won’t complain about, to be honest. Indeed, it gave us some new parent-child dynamics and, of course, a lot of funny (and cute) moments.

So let’s see what went down in Single Parents 2×09!

The Talk

Things got kind of serious in this week’s episode of Single Parents, with Douglas and Will having to give Graham “The Talk” after he brought Playboy magazines to school. Well, maybe not so serious — Single Parents remains a comedy show, after all.

Will and Douglas had two very different approaches as to how to talk to Graham about sex. If Will wanted to recreate the great talk he himself had with his father, a middle school health teacher, Douglas thought it would be best if they just let Graham read the magazines and figure things out on his own. In the end, they (thankfully) went with Will’s idea and took Angie’s kid to the best place where to have such a talk: the roller rink.

Will had everything planned perfectly. He even had his father’s textbook to help him teach Graham about sex. Things couldn’t go more smoothly — until Will and Douglas found a love letter, as well as the picture of a naked woman, inside said textbook. A woman who wasn’t Will’s mother, but the other middle school health teacher.

Will’s father, his hero, has been cheating on his mother for years. He felt devasted, of course, to the point that the talk he gave Graham scared him more than helped him.

In the end, Douglas is the one who gave Graham the talk — with Will’s help, once he recovered from learning about his father’s secret. All ended well for the three of them, then, with Graham getting an answer to his biggest question: does a horse go faster if you ride on it naked?

(Apparently, the answer’s yes.)

Single Parents 2×09
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Some Fogerty twins goodness

For a while now, I’ve been feeling like the show didn’t focus enough on the Fogerty twins. Yes, they were there, but only to deliver some funny one-liners and never really have a plot for themselves. Thankfully, Single Parents 2×09 gave them a new well-deserved storyline!

And, even better, we got to see them bond with Poppy.

Indeed, while Rory was showing his outfit for the kids’ annual trip to Yoghurt Spot, Poppy noticed that Amy seemed a little down. She questioned her about it and learned that the girl wanted to wear her own outfit for the event — not just clothes that match her sister’s.

Problem was, Emma is very controlling. She wouldn’t like it if Amy decided to change clothes because they already agreed on what they would wear. Still, Poppy managed to convince Amy to wear something she would like. She then asked Emma to be supportive of her sister when it was time to show her new clothes to the rest of the group.

Everything went well, at first. Emma seemed to love Amy’s new outfit. To the point that she asked to dress the same. So much for Amy wanting to be her own person…

Of course, Amy wasn’t pleased about such an outcome and the sisters started to fight. Poppy forced them to sit down and talk about their feelings, and eventually managed to find a compromise: Amy and Emma can still be a team while both wearing their own, different outfits.

All of this ended with the twins hugging Poppy in front of a (pleasantly) surprised Douglas. It was adorable, and I definitely need more of this dynamic! Now I just can’t wait to see their reaction, as well as Rory’s, when they learn their parents are dating. 

Sophie is NOT perfect

While Will was busy with Graham, Angie was in charge of taking care of Sophie. We don’t see them alone often in the show, so it was very refreshing. Especially given how Sophie loves Angie and thinks of her as a role model.

Indeed, Angie was bummed that Graham would rather have The Talk with Will and Douglas than his own mother. She wondered if she was a good mother, and Sophie was there to reassure her about it. She told her that she inspired her before showing her a bunch of stuff she “sampled” from the grocery store. Or rather, stole.

Angie took it as another example that she’s a bad mother. Until Sophie told her about not wanting to be seen as “Little Miss Perfect” and how Angie is the only adult who makes her feel like she doesn’t have to be perfect to be a good person. Because Angie definitely isn’t perfect.

That’s why we love her, though.

In the end, Angie showed Sophie other legal ways to be a little bad — by dying her hair, for example. And if Will wasn’t too pleased with the result when he saw his daughter later that day, at least it managed to cheer Sophie up.

So, yeah, it might have been a bad day for him, but not a bad episode for us!

The timing for this storyline was also perfect. I mean, it’s no coincidence that we saw Angie and Sophie bonding, with both of them appreciating each other’s company, right after Tracy said she didn’t like Will’s daughter, right? This shows once again what a great couple Will and Angie could make, with both of them already loving each other’s child so much — and vice versa.

Single Parents 2×09
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Some more thoughts

  • I need more storylines with Angie and Sophie together. They’re such a cute pair!
  • I also need more between Poppy and the twins, to be honest.
  • Young Douglas flashbacks!!! Can we see the other parents as children too, please?
  • Next episode is Single Parent’s holidays episode and I can’t wait for it. It’s my favorite time of the year so paired with such a cute show… I’m sure it’s going to be great!

Next episode will be the last one of 2019 but in the meantime, what did you think of Single Parents 2×09? Hit the comments and let us know!


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