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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×08 “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt 2”

Is this how the Flash goes?

The Flash season 6 episode 8, “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt 2” aired 3 December 2019.

This is part 2 to last week’s episode.

One more week until The Flash is supposed to die in Crisis! Although right now it seems there isn’t even a Flash to sacrifice himself. Instead, Dark Flash is helping Bloodwork wreck havoc on the city.

Is it the Flash’s time?

Cisco immediately puts up a force field around Star Labs to keep Dark Flash out. Then he reveals a photo gun he has been working on. It’s kind of like an intense form of chemo that will, on paper, kill Ramsey’s zombie goo. Iris opposes its use, however, for fear it might hurt Barry.

“Barry” contacts Iris through a police radio. Despite Cisco’s warnings, Iris breaches to the WestAllen apartment where Bloodwork/Blood Barry confronts her. Cisco hacks the breaching device to hear their conversation.

Dark Flash almost kills Iris, but stops at the last second and leaves. Iris returns to Star Labs, shaken by the encounter.

Cisco proposes his photo gun again, saying that maybe this is the Flash’s sacrifice, letting himself die to stop Bloodwork. It is hard for Iris to accept.

Cisco goes out to try the photo gun out. However, Dark Flash stops him before the photon gun takes full effect. Again, Dark Flash just stops short of killing Cisco. But Bloodwork does reveal his plan: to use the particle accelerator to spread his goo across Central City.

Meanwhile, Bloodwork has turned almost everyone in the city into zombies. Killer Frost, Joe, and Allegra are fighting them in the streets, but Joe gets injured and they have to breach to Star Labs. Killer Frost and Caitlin have to switch back and forth to analyse Joe’s condition and then cauterize his wounds with ice, but they eventually get there.

Escape Room

Cecile and Kamilla are trapped in the Citizen office when the zombies enter the building. Cecile finds herself overwhelmed by the widespread fear radiating through the city, but Kamilla helps her focus on trying to feel out the zombies. That way, they can navigate their way through the building and get out.


Nash Wells is still trying to force out the Monitor, none the wiser to the chaos happening above ground. The Monitor speaks to him through the wall. Nash is uncompromising and critical. Anyway, he is soon distracted by some zombies that have wandered into the sewer.

Spread the cure

Cisco and Iris lament the loss of their friend and husband. Then, they realise that in both their encounters, Dark Flash repeated phrases Barry had previously said. This means Barry is still conscious inside Dark Flash and may communicate with them.

Just then, Bloodwork, Dark Flash, and a zombie squad show up outside the building. Dark Flash tells them to “let the light in.” Cisco obliges and removes the force field.

Cisco decodes Barry’s plan: Allegra can fire her radiation into the particle accelerator, which send an energy wave through the city and fry any trace of the black goo. Iris and Cisco let Dark Flash catch them, so they can get to the accelerator without fighting through the zombies – and so Iris can get close enough to shoot Ramsey with a laser gun.


Cisco then opens the accelerator and Allegra does her thing. Yay, Central City is zombie goo-free! And Barry is back to himself.

Surely this has other ramifications though. I mean, one does not simply use the particle accelerator.

The Flash confronts Bloodwork, who shifts into its massive comic book shape. But, Barry catches Ramsey off guard by summoning a vision of Mrs Rosso, which he pulled from when their minds were connected. It distracts Ramsey long enough for them to apprehend him and eventually turn him over to ARGUS.

Crisis is here

As the clock ticks down to the day of Crisis, Team Flash sitting together and remember Barry for how he has impacted their lives.

Iris reveals she sometimes has Cisco vibe her to see her and Barry’s waterfront kiss — from waaaay back in episode 1×15! Remember that? Tsunami about to hit Central City, Barry discovers time travel because he runs too fast trying to stop it. What a throwback, and also, IRIS REVISITS THEIR “FIRST KISS”.

the flash westallen s1

“Our love story never ends,” she assures Barry.

Then the clock strikes midnight and a red cloud descends over Central City. The Crisis is here.

Elsewhere, Nash didn’t realise it the particle accelerator had cured the zombies, and thinks the Monitor saved him. This allows the Monitor to lure him into this big light portal and Nash disappears behind the tunnel wall. What??????

Give us your Crisis on Infinite Earths theories!

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