‘Stumptown’ 1×08 recap: “The Other Woman”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Other Woman,” aired Dec. 4, 2019.

The winter finale is almost upon us for Stumptown. However, Dex still has a case to work. Let’s dig in.

A budding artist

Turns out that Liz is a former soccer player and is a talented artist. Surprises indeed, Grey. It’s then that Sue Lynn comes to find Dex to hire her for a job. Well, this shall be interesting due to the fact the two aren’t bffs. She wants Dex to find whomever is trying to sabotage her, but Dex doesn’t believe it’s anything. Until Sue Lynn’s car literally blows up.

Grey is laying down some truths to Dex, thinking if Dex succeeds at this case, then Sue Lynn’ll regret tearing Benny and Dex apart. Oh my gosh…Dex is really out to get Liz. This is some straight up jealousy here. I am here for this angst and love triangle situation that’s about to transpire.

Flashbacks bring us back to Benny’s funeral where his wife blames Dex for his death. Poor, Dex. Back in the present, Dex is searching for who is out to get Sue Lynn. She comes face-to-face with Naomi, Benny’s wife. And she still blames Dex for his death. 


Cosgrove is onto Hoffman and Dex…janitorial let it slip. Whoops? Hoffman asks her what happened between her and Sue Lynn, but she’s not willing to let anything slip. Hmmm. Later, Hoffman pays Dex a visit, but she’s not up for visitors, and she’s decided to quit Sue Lynn’s case.

Guess his visit did some good because Dex is back on the case! Love how Dex is laying down the law with Sue Lynn. However, Sue Lynn is leaving Dex in the hands of Naomi, which I am sure will be super awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Yay, tension!

The partnership between the two women proves to be difficult. Every time Naomi pushes, Dex pushes right back. Dex is absolutely right — she needs Naomi to let her do her dang job. Lol Dex wanting earplugs so she doesn’t have to listen to Naomi. At least her sass is still intact this episode.

Twenty fun (sorry, had to)

Ansel tells Grey, since he is 21, that he wants to bartend. I love Grey and Ansel’s relationship — he truly cares about him. Even though Ansel told him Liz is the superior bartender. I don’t know…maybe Liz isn’t as shady as I seem to think. Maybe it’s just me wanting Grey and Dex to be together that’s making me wary. Yeah, that’s 100% it.

Looks like Dex found her man. The suspect is hard set on denying that he planted a bomb in Sue Lynn’s car, though, and turns out, that it wasn’t him because Hoffman uncovered that he was elsewhere when it happened. 

After hanging up with Grey, Dex finds Naomi visiting Benny’s grave. Naomi admits that she knew Benny still loved Dex even when they were married. Turns out Naomi kicked Benny out, and she says that his death is actually her fault. I kind of feel bad for the woman. Dex tells her that Benny’s death was not her fault. 

And here it is…

Hoffman finds their suspect with a bomb. Oh goodness. Dang, Hoffman, get him! Hoffman ended up digging up dirt on Liz, and apparently, that is a big no-no . He’s not happy about it because he feels like Dex used him. I like Hoffman, and I don’t want him to end up getting hurt. I hope Dex comes to terms with her feelings soon.

We have Dex admitting to Grey that she needs Sue Lynn’s forgiveness. She’s about to tell Grey why she needs her forgiveness but is interrupted by Liz. Wow, Dex invites Liz to gamble with her. This is unexpected. Seems like they’re having fun together. Omg…they hooked up. Didn’t see that coming! There will definitely be some tension ahead.

More of Madeline’s musing

  • I am forever living for Dex’s sass and sarcasm.
  • Grey really wants Dex to be friends with Liz. Ugh, why?
  • Grey calling Dex a bad friend is not what I want to hear. Not at all.
  • Can Sue Lynn stop trying to stir up trouble all the time?
  • Love triangles EVERYWHERE! 

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