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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×08 “The Wrath of Rama Khan”

I would like to re-title this episode, “The Break-up Rage!” Last night we watched out star-crossed lovers break our hearts into a million pieces. Okay, yes, I know they aren’t really together… After a week long separation we finally get to see the aftermath of Lena and Kara’s fight. Bottom line, Lena has broke into a million little pieces. 



Kara is in pain, Lena is in pain, Andrea is in pain, and Malefic is in pain. Our heroes are a mess. We open on Supergirl crying in her ice prison. Brainy and Alex find her but she doesn’t care. She just wants to speak to Lena. 

Lena is with Eve in one of Lex’s old hideouts. She is trying to keep her sh*t together. Eve/Hope, whatever we are supposed to call her is getting Myriad ready to go. Lena is moving to the next step of her plan, all while trying to not break down. 

Malefic comes with J’onn after he realizes all the devastation he has caused. He is ready to turn himself in. Alex, however has other plans. Actually Alex has other plans for everyone in this episode. Meanwhile, we have Andrea Rojas in her office crying over, what’s his face’s death. 

WTF, Alex?

Alex Danvers is the true villain of this episode. There I said it. You all were thinking it, but I said it out loud. I never thought the day would come where I would say those words. I don’t know where our Director we know and love was this episode, but she sure wasn’t here. 

  1. She decides that Lena is a threat and needs to die, if she does not stop her plans for Myriad. 
  2. Malefic can save the world without sacrificing Lena’s life, but she doesn’t want to give it a shot. 
  3. Alex believes stopping Rama Khan is their only priority and no one should even try to save Lena. 

WHEN did Alex care so little about Lena. Did she just decide to be a different human being all of the sudden. This is all completely uncharacteristic of Alex. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she is acting this way. Apparently neither can Kara, J’onn, of Brainy. Kara decides to continue to find a different way. She is determined to save her friend. 

No One Cares

Back to the least interesting event taking place… Rama Khan is over here trying to destroy National City for some reason I don’t understand. For a supposed protector of Earth, he sure sucks at it. He decides humans are the scourge of the Earth. 

  • There is an inactive volcano under the city, he plans to make active. (How does no one know about this volcano?)
  • He forces Andrea to use her power and channel it into his staff. He leaves her there to die. 
  • The staff engulfs her power and earthquakes erupt around the city. 

There are several plot holes to this that I won’t get into. J’onn ends up saving Andrea. She uses her power to stop Rama Khan. Supergirl was too distracted by Lena to really be very helpful with this. 

The End Result


Alex decides that maybe killing Lena just because she is heartbroken isn’t a great idea. She turns to Malefic for help. He uses his Q waves to combat Lena’s to stop them from hitting the city. Lena is still trying to follow through with her plan. Even until the last moment. 

Malefic wins. Realizing what will happen next, Lena uses Eve to thwart the FBI. Eve/Hope happily help her. She claims she kidnapped Lena and set the whole thing up. She forced her to do her bidding or she would kill her. Leave it too Lena to have a backup plan. 

Back to sadness. At the end of the episode Lena is drinking a glass of scotch holding a picture of her and Kara. Kara is sitting on her couch holding up a picture of she and Lena. Andrea is in her mind space with what’s his face. We are all sitting watching the episode crying. Such a great way to end an episode.

-One more thing. J’onn is recruited by the Monitor. The end. 

What were your thoughts on the episode? Do you agree that Alex was wrong? Are your #Supercorp hearts broken?


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