‘The Good Doctor’ 3×10 recap: “Friends and Family”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 10, “Friends and Family,” aired Dec. 2, 2019.

Well, it’s the winter finale of The Good Doctor. Hiatus season is the WORST. I’m sure this episode will come with a lot of tears, so maybe have some comfort food at the ready. Let’s dig in!

Any last words, Shaun?

Shaun agrees that if his dad wants to say anything before he dies, he’ll allow it. He also makes a request to have Glassman and Leah join him. Glassman and Leah don’t really see eye-to-eye, however. Glassman says this whole ordeal is going to be intense, but I have a feeling it’ll be intense for more than one reason.

Melendez runs into Claire at the gym, which is a new thing for her. Maybe I should join the gym…As they’re there, a guy at the gym has an accident, and thankfully, Melendez and Claire rush to his aid. At work, Morgan calls Claire out for sleeping around, and she says she’s not doing that anymore. Kind of cold, Morgan.

Pros on field and off field

Park tells Claire that she needs to find help or rely on people. Park really is the “dad” of the group, and I really like that. Morgan starts to explain their patient’s history and rise to fame during surgery, but Melendez is quick to tell her to zip it. Oh. 

Upon seeing his mom, Shaun tells Glassman that he wants to leave. This is breaking my heart. The flashbacks to Shaun’s brother’s funeral really hit me with the feels. Here come the  tears. Shaun ends up going to visit his parents that night after paying a visit to his brother’s grave.

His dad apologizes and admits that he failed, even saying he’s proud of him. Yeah, you really failed, dude. You’re actually the worst. He tells Shaun that he was a good kid, and I’m really proud of Shaun for doing this. He really rose above his childhood trauma. Shaun tells his dad that he’s not a good person, and that he doesn’t care that he’s dying. 

Tequila and fun

Leah suggests they do something fun. Glassman tells Shaun he needs time to digest all of this, but Leah is still set on going to the lake. Seems like Shaun is liking Leah’s plan more than Glassman’s. Glassman is SO done with her, and honestly, same. Leah staying under water to freak Shaun out was so uncool.

The athlete tells the doctors that he chose them to complete his surgery because he thought they wouldn’t care about his fame status. Wow, he says he was finding ways for him to get hurt. I like that they’re showing another side of the rich and famous from this portrayal. 

The next morning, the three sit down to a breakfast. It’s then that Shaun’s mom walks into the restaurant and asks to talk with him. Shaun asks her why she stayed with his father, and she says that she loved him. She says she doesn’t blame Shaun for hating them…and that they never could understand Shaun. This is ripping my heart apart. I can’t handle this. He lets her hug him this time.

In conclusion…

In the end, Shaun decides to speak to his dad. “I couldn’t make you happy.”Aw, Shaun. As he’s standing by his father’s bed, he tells him that he forgives him and doesn’t want to punish him. WHAT THE HELL! His dad tells him that his brother’s death was his fault, and his mom tells Shaun that he’s delirious. Oh gosh. Simply terrible. Glassman goes to Shaun later that night to tell him that his dad passed. He doesn’t want to stay for the funeral, though. 

Claire encourages her patient to tell everyone that he wants to retire. It’s then that she starts to unpack everything that’s been weighing on her since her mother’s death. Wait, who is Claire meeting up with after changing her mind?! Oh, she’s seeking help. Good for her.

I’m glad Leah is there for Shaun during this difficult time. Someone please give Shaun a hug. And someone please recommend a happy show for me to watch! I’ve learned my lesson after this finale: wash your makeup off before watching or your makeup will be smeared all over your face from the tears.

Madeline’s musings

  • This episode is so sad, and why don’t I have any ice cream!?
  • Claire is blocking all the numbers from her hookups, and she ends up dunking her phone in her coffee. Girl.
  • The heart-to-heart Glassman had with Leah was so painful. 
  • I felt cold just watching Leah jump into that cold lake.
  • I don’t know if Freddie Highmore and motels are the best pair…cough…Bates Motel.
  • Dang it, The Good Doctor, why do you have to make me cry?!
  • UMMM the tease for the winter premier?! 

This was an emotionally raw episode. Now, let the hiatus from The Good Doctor commence. Thankfully, it’s only a few weeks, so we can do it! What did you think of the winter finale? Sound off below or tweet us!

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