Office romances: Our favorite workplace TV couples

From coworkers to lovers...

In real life, a lot of people meet their significant other at work. It’s also the case for characters in TV shows. Indeed, no matter the genre, many TV shows take place in the workplace — and most of the time, a romance between at least two characters blossoms there.

These workplace TV couples are quite popular among viewers (and definitely one of the tropes I love the most), so here are some of my favorites!

Jim & Pam (The Office)

Jim and Pam are THE couple I think about first when it comes to office romances. They are a perfect example of this trope.

Jim said so himself: he waited a long time for a date with a girl who he worked with, but it was all worth it in the end. True, they had a rough patch in the show’s last season. Still, they eventually got their happy ending and had an overall amazing relationship together, full of fun and love and… work, as they were both employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Jake & Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

workplace tv couples

As we saw in a flashback, Jake and Amy met on Amy’s first day at the Nine-Nine. They’ve been working together since. For years, they’ve been partners on the field and sitting at desks across one another (at least, until Amy became a sergeant). This professional relationship eventually turned into a personal one, though, making them partners in life too.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine does a great job of showing us scenes of their life on the job (it’s a workplace comedy, after all) as well as glimpses of their domestic life. And, just like Charles, I have to admit I’m a fan of these small moments between them.

Tony & Ziva (NCIS)

NCIS is one of these procedural dramas I watched growing up. It’s also one of these TV shows that seem to be going on forever – its seventeenth season started last September. For once, I can’t complain about it, since it allowed for Ziva to come back on the show after Cote de Pablo left six years ago. Which could (hopefully) result in a Tony-Ziva reunion in the future, to give these two their well-deserved happy ending.

Because even though we had to wait until Ziva’s last episode on the show for them to finally kiss (goodbye), something was definitely going on there. To quote the one and only Jimmy Palmer: “I can spot an office romance from a mile away!” And these two were more than just coworkers for sure.

Lucifer & Chloe (Lucifer)

Not everyone can say they work with the Devil — let alone that they fell in love with him. Yet, that’s the story of Chloe Decker, an LAPD cop. Lucifer’s ability to make people tell him what they truly desire appears to be very useful when it comes to solving crimes.

This pair definitely isn’t like any other workplace TV couples but they are just as amazing. And they for sure fit that “coworkers to lovers” trope. Even though they have bigger issues to deal with to get their happy ending than any other workplace couples — like Lucifer being back in Hell, for example.

With Lucifer’s last season coming soon, I just need these two to finally get together for good!

Chase & Cameron (House)

Medical dramas must be some of the most popular TV shows that take place in the workplace. And, of course, the (many) romances that happen there are some of the fans’ favorites as well. House made no exception with its “Chameron” ship.

Even though these two didn’t get their happy ending (it seems like I had a thing for non-endgame couples when I was younger…), their relationship was still a very important part of the show for several years. Fans of this ship all know that Tuesday isn’t just the second day of the week. Plus, not only did Chase and Cameron have a workplace romance, but they also went from friends with benefits to lovers.

Way to combine two great TV tropes in just one ship!

BONUS: Winston & Aly (New Girl) / David & Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

New Girl and Schitt’s Creek aren’t workplace comedies, yet they feature two of the best workplace TV couples. Aly and Patrick are both great additions to their respective shows, who gave both Winston and David not only a partner at work, but also a partner in life. And I’m grateful for it.

And you, do you like office romances in TV shows? Which couples are your favorite workplace TV couples? Hit the comments and let us know!


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