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‘Black Lightning’ 3×07: Top 3 moments from “Henderson’s Opus”

Henderson goes rogue!

Black Lightning 3×07 recap: Season 3, Episode 07, “The Book of  Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson’s Opus,” Aired Nov. 25, 2019

In Black Lightning 3×07, Lynn learns that Khalil is alive; Henderson takes serious matters into his own hands, in order to take down the A.S.A; Black Lightning saves the kids lives after the acting director makes a call to kill them all.

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of Black Lightning 3×07 in more detail:

#1 Lynn discovers that Khalil is still alive

After Gambi has suspicions about Khalil being alive, he calls Lynn round to the bunker. Gambi asks her for access to the Pit so that he can hack into their computer systems. Through doing so, Gambi confirms that Khalil and Painkiller are indeed the same people. Later, Lynn gets them access to Khalil, where they both get a shock at how bad things really are.

It turns out, that Khalil is kept in stasis most of the time, and that of course the chip is controlling him majority of the time. Gambi asks him to state his recent missions – and Lynn is in disbelief when she learns that Khalil/Painkiller killed his own mom (among all the other bad stuff). Well, I’m not too sure if Khalil can be saved and brought back to the good side, do you? Lynn seems to believe so, and has now set it her mission to do all that she can to bring back Khalil. 

#2 Henderson going rogue 

Just as the pair were getting along, Black Lightning and Henderson butt heads, as they have a major disagreement over how to handle the A.S.A. after Henderson makes a risky move. Henderson, the Reverend, and the Resistance make a play against the A.S.A., by using a stronger force than normal: a bomb. Their plan was to blow up a checkpoint, allowing them to make way through. This is where Black Lightning disagrees with them all – a bomb is taking it too extreme and most likely will end up in someone innocent getting hurt. Yup, I’m on Black Lightning‘s side with that one.

Henderson later tells Black lightning that he will do things his way, and he can do things his way. Meaning now that we have two groups against the A.S.A, except that one is willing to use brute force. However, even Black lightning later uses his powers against some soldiers after they hurt and murdered innocent Freeland citizens.  So first, Henderson lost his cool, and now Black lightning? Damn, well looks like the A.S.A are going to have a hell of a fight against them!

#3 Black Lighnting saves the kids 

After Black Lightning and Henderson’s disagreement, things go from bad to worse. The acting director turns up and makes a call to kill all the kids. Um, WTF!! Of course, Black Lightning isn’t having none of it and stands in the way between them. They don’t stand down so he has no choice but to use his powers to save their lives. Anissa is desperate to go in and help him, but without her powers, she is far too vulnerable so Gambi doesn’t let her leave. 

Just as he saves the kids lives, Grace runs off and disappears. However, luckily Black Lightning manages to track her down. At first though he is greeted with a dead body and, uh, a leopard … of course it is just Grace, who has shapeshifted into it. Straight away she turns back into Grace. Grace now knows Jefferson is Black Lightning after she realizes their sents are the exact same. But not to worry, she promises to keep his secret – yay!

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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