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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×07 – “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1”

The Flash season 6 episode 7, “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1,” aired 26 Nov 2019.

Wow wow wow. What an episode of The Flash. The direction and editing was really good, on top of a well-written script, a great piece of filmmaking on the whole. Grant Gustin shone again as The Flash gave us Dark Barry like never before.

Let’s preface this episode with the fight between Ralph and Ramsey from the end of last week. Ramsey gets his black blood through Ralph. At Star Labs, Barry transfuses his O- blood to Ralph so his speed-healing can stabilize Ralph. The incident makes Barry worry about the post-Crisis, Flash-less world.

In the mind of the Flash

Barry begins dreaming of Ramsey, who knows he is the Flash and knows about Crisis. The speedforce appears to him as his mother, informing him that some of Ramsey’s cells transferred to Barry during the transfusion. Everything that happens to Barry is in his head, his body is passed out in his apartment.

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Ramsey appears in his head because his bloodwork cells are sentient. He taunts Barry and shows him that in sacrificing himself, he abandons his friends and the city, and sacrifices the future he could have: raising a family with Iris. These are really all Barry’s doubts.

(P.S. Why does Ramsey only show one baby? When are we getting “more diapers”?)

Ramsey offers Barry a chance to save the world and live his life: taking Ramsey’s blood. Not only will he be able to survive Crisis, but revive people as the Flash too.

Speedforce Nora Allen reappears guide Barry away from the infection. However, it admits that Ramsey whatever Ramsey has said is technically true – the blood will let Barry save the world from Crisis but still have a future. Barry gets agitated – then why can’t he save everyone and get to live? (Because taking Ramsey’s sentient blood will let Bloodwork control Barry.)

Blood Barry

By this point, Cisco and Killer Frost have found Barry’s feverish body. Killer Frost panics because she doesn’t know how to treat him – sharing a body with Caitlin doesn’t equate sharing medical knowledge. Cisco jabs Barry with Velocity-9, which momentarily staves off Ramsey. In his mind, Barry is literally caught in a tug of war between the speedforce and Ramsey’s black bloody substance.

Barry wakes up in Star Labs and it seems like all is good, but Iris picks up on his weird behaviour. Ramsey has taken control of Barry, and it seems he intends to use The Flash to spread his blood. OHHH MY GOD.

In other news, Killer Frost will relinquish control to Caitlin, as her medical skills will be needed during the Crisis.

Journalist Union, Girl Power

Iris rounds up her office (Kamilla and Allegra) for their latest investigation: look into the person who kidnapped and weaponized Esperanza. Ralph spotted the man at the gala last week.

Mysteriously, someone kills the guy soon after Iris initially approaches him for questioning. Allegra sees traces of UV radiation on the scene. Team Citizen is on the case.

Allegra is preoccupied by other things, namely that her boss is married to the Flash. She also finds Iris’ empty “Flash Vanishes in Crisis” document. Allegra confronts Iris, who admits that she is investigating the metahuman trafficking ring to put off writing the Crisis article. Ultimately, Allegra convinces Iris to face the article head on.

Elsewhere, Nash has been working on drilling the Monitor’s tunnel. He manages to blast off a layer of the wall to reveal…another wall. This wall has some symbols carved into it.

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