‘The Good Doctor’ 3×09 recap: “Incomplete”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 9, “Incomplete,” aired Nov. 25, 2019.

We are closing in on the fall finale. Until then, we have Shaun attempting to make a major step in this episode of The Good Doctor! Also, that ending, oh my gosh. This is a lot to take in. Let’s dig in.

Morning guests

Claire had a date or, rather, one-night stand because she evaded his question of meeting up again. Seems like she regrets it. Meanwhile, Debby receives a morning surprise in the form of Shaun showing up with flowers, wanting to ask Glassman something. Thankfully, Debby is able to help Shaun while Glassman is in the shower. Easy peasy!

Shaun telling Carly he wants to have sex tonight in front of the entire staff…talk about awkward. Shaun tells Morgan to ask him what he’s doing tonight, and Morgan seems shook at his bluntness when he says he’s having sex tonight. Oh, Shaun. Another awkward moment happens when Melendez tells Claire and Park that him and Lim are no longer together. Whelp. 

Claire’s patient is none other than her one-night stand. What are the chances? Morgan and Shaun are tasked to a woman dressed in Princess Leia gear, who they conclude that sex could actually kill their patient. The patient, however, refuses the surgery because that would mean sex would be off the table.

The other woman

Lim and Melendez walking on eggshells around one another makes me sad. I wasn’t the biggest fan of them in the beginning, but I’ve been rooting for them.

Claire comes face-to-face with her one-night stand/patient’s wife and daughter. Phew, is it getting hella awkward in here? OMG! His daughter asked why he didn’t come home last night, and the wife said he was hanging out with her uncle. That’s so terrible. Claire asks his wife if she’s okay, but the wife tells her that she believes he’s cheating on her. This is ugh.

Shaun and Carly start to have sexy times, but Shaun excuses himself to watch TV. 

Not feeling it

Shaun tells Glassman that Carly has a half of a tattoo, and he’s not into it. It doesn’t make any sense to him. Glassman says it’s probably not that, it’s more so the intimacy. Debby has to barge in to kick Shaun out because Glassman has a lot of patients. However, Debby says Glassman needs to let Shaun be because he has someone else in his life now.

Morgan is admitting to her patient’s fiancé about her past relationship fails and her annoyance with sex. Interesting that she’s willing to even divulge this to a stranger. The patient is afraid that if they can no longer have sex, that it won’t be enough. Her fiancé is confident that it won’t change anything between them. So, she agrees to the surgery.

I can’t believe that this man is lying there telling Claire that even though he loves his family, he’s still going to continue to cheat on them. He even tells Claire that she’s a cheater just like him. Dang.

Park calling it out

Park is trying to have a heart-to-heart with Claire. She quickly shuts him down, though, which is so not Claire. I hope she thinks about his talk, though. I like Park — he seems to really care about his coworkers.

Glassman is taking Debby’s advice to let Shaun grow on his own. I get what Debby’s saying, but at the same time, Glassman is like a dad to Shaun. He tells Glassman he liked it better when it was just the two of them. This is breaking my heart.

Carly takes it into her own hands and completes the heart for Shaun. Once they start getting intimate again, Shaun realizes that Glassman was right. They end up indulging each other in their fears. She tells him they don’t have to have sex. I’m glad she’s so understanding and patient with him, but he still walks away from her.

Lim and Melendez are also admitting that this whole thing isn’t easy. That’s a step in the right direction for now. These two.

More of Madeline’s musings

  • I really want Claire to get back to her old self. 
  • Morgan is extremely against sex. Wonder what that’s about.
  • Morgan calling out Carly…woah. She even admitted that she cared for Shaun…Morgan, is that you?
  • Wait, Carly just set Morgan straight. DANG.
  • Shaun telling Carly that he’s afraid of being alone is breaking my heart.
  • The wife slapped Claire in the face in FRONT OF EVERYONE. 
  • Melendez comforting Claire….oh my goodness. This is too much.

Well, this was one whirlwind of an episode! What did you think of the latest episode of The Good Doctor? Sign off below or tweet us!

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