‘Anne with an E’ Cancellation: Fans rally to save the show

Say it isn't so!

Anne with an E is coming to an end and fans are not happy about this news. The show just finished airing Season 3 on the Canadian owned, CBC, but Season 3 won’t hit Netflix until January 3 in the United States. The show’s official twitter account shared a promotional tweet announcing that the 3rd season with be the final season and it sent fans into a furry. 

Within moments of the announcement, there was a flood of comments questioning the decision and asking for the show to saved by Netflix. Fans have taken to twitter to protest the cancellation and have had various show related hashtags trending throughout the day of this announcement. 

Anne with an E

Official Statement from CBC and Netflix: 

“We’ve been thrilled to bring the quintessentially Canadian story of Anne with an E to viewers around the world. We’re thankful to producers Moira Walley-Beckett and Miranda de Pencier and to the talented cast and crew for their incredible work in sharing Anne’s story with a new generation. We hope fans of the show love this final season as much as we do, and that it brings a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey.” – CBC and Netflix

There is still no official word as to why this show will be ending. And if the fan response on-line is any indication, it’s not for lack of popularity. At Pure Fandom, we are big fans of the wild spirit of Anne, her bond with her friends and family, as well as the important topics it tackles with such care and honesty.

We are eager to watch Season 3 when it debuts on January 3rd on Netflix, and like many fans of this wonderful show, we will be crossing our fingers for a Season 4. #RenewAnnewithanE

Anne with an E Season 3 will hit Netflix on January 3rd. 


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