‘TITANS’: 5 biggest moments in 2×12 – “Faux Hawk”

When life gives you lemons, make fruitcake.

“Faux Hawk”, released 22 Nov 2019, is the 12th episode of Titans season 2.

That was another somewhat disjointed episode of Titans in an otherwise strong season. That said, this week had a lot more gravitas leading up to next week’s finale. It did not quite feel like a penultimate episode, with a couple of plots feeling out of place, although they still carried some weight.

With all that, here are the big takeaways.

Jericho is alive

titans dc universe chella man jericho
DC Universe

At least there is some good news! Jericho transferred his consciousness into Slade just before his body gave way, and has been stuck since in Slades’ mind. He still considers the Titans his friends and wants to help them defeat his father. Slade can somehow resists Jericho’s control despite the boy’s efforts.

I’m ecstatic, because Chella Man has been amazing in this role, and I think Jericho’s character has a lot of potential to mesh with the new Titans. We also need scenes with him and Rose.

Mercy controls Gar

Dawn and Donna learn that Cadmus has done weird brain surgery on Gar and Conner so that both boys are now under Mercy Grave’s control. Mercy lets Gar order coffee before signalling for him to switch (using classical music?) Tiger Gar mauls everyone in the shop. He is left confused and covered in blood when he returns to his human form.

Mercy is an interesting villain in that she has no motives beyond an interest in military advancement. She seems to have made this project her own, outside of Luthor’s wants and needs. I think she plans to make Gar and Conner fight and kill the Titans when they return to San Francisco. The finale trailer shows Donna and Conner fighting.

Speaking of fights…

Hank joins Fight Club

We missed Hank last episode, but caught up to him this week. He’s taken to underground fighting to get money for drugs, using the Hawk persona.

One night, he wakes up to a news report that Hawk robbed a laundromat, and finds his costume seemingly stolen. To be fair, the new Hawk imposter knows how to interact with fans, doing Instagram live and all that. Of course, Hank quickly tracks his suit down and finds the imposter to be an estranged kid living on his own, just trying to make ends meet.

Hank also finds out that he actually sold the suit to the kid, but doesn’t remember because he did it in a drug-induced haze. Having just given a poignant speech about what the Titans are supposed to represent, the reality of his fall from grace hits Hank.

Although I’m not sure how this plot ties in to the season as a whole, it added a new facet to Hank’s character. Alan Ritchson also delivered a mix of good comedic timing and downtrodden grimness.

The Judas Contract

Rose learns of the other Titans returning to San Francisco to save Gar and Conner, and worries that Slade will go after them. Guilt-ridden, she spills her secrets to Jason: Slade ordered her to infiltrate the Titans and catalyze their breakdown.

titans rose wilson jason todd
DC Universe

3 years ago, Rose sought Slade out to find answers about her healing ability. Slade wasn’t welcoming at first, but eventually invited her to live and train with him, even giving her the Ravager suit (though it’s not clear if she started using that name.)

Slade told Rose that the Titans murdered Jericho, and says together they can get revenge. First, Rose helped Dr Light escape from prison. Then, Slade cut her eye out and staged their fight to lure Dick into taking her in.

It is absolutely gut-wrenching to watch the way Jason’s face changes as Rose tells her story, especially when moments before he was happily making lunch for them. You can see the anger, betrayal, and defeat, until finally he breaks down and cries as he asks if Rose ever didn’t lie to him. Curran Walters was outstanding.

Rose begs Jason to help the Titans, but he storms out, intent on distancing himself from everything and everyone related to the Titans and vigilantism.

Dick orders new shoes

titans dick grayson
DC Universe

Having escaped from prison, Dick has been traipsing across Nevada with a baseball cap to hide his identity. Seriously? A baseball cap?

Anyway, he has two places to visit. First, Adeline Kane’s house. Now that Slade isn’t around and Dick is aware of Jericho’s survival, Adeline and Dick are on better terms. She tells him she heard Slade calling Rose to return to San Fran, and asks him to bring Jericho back.

Dick’s next stop is Stu’s Handmade Shoes shop, which is really a front for the high-tech superhero suit-making workshop. Stu and his designers give Dick a lot of flak for burning the Robin suit, and it is awesome. I love it.

Apparently, Bruce had anticipated Dick’s visit, and had the designers already start working on a suit. Although Dick is exasperated that Bruce was one step ahead of him, he does like the suit they’ve made him. You know what that means, and Titans isn’t denying it one bit. The time has come. THE NEXT EPISODE IS CALLED ‘NIGHTWING’.

Are you excited for the season 2 finale? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook. We want to hear your theories!

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