Why Christmas Con is a MUST for any Hallmark fan

Tis' the season for Hallmark Christmas movies!

It was the most wonderful time of the year at Christmas Con, a Hallmark convention that celebrates romance and the magical, heartwarming feeling that is Christmas. After attending several conventions over the years, there was something special about this one. From the first moment you walk in, you’re immersed into a winter wonderland.


 The guest list brought so many favorite Hallmark movies to life, allowing attendees to interact and have an unforgettable experience. Not only were autographs and professional photos made available, but attendees were able to see their favorite Hallmark stars during panels and interactive events such as the Tree Lighting, Ugly Sweater Contest, and a Gingerbread House Contest. The guests were hilarious together on stage and made sure to include the audience, creating an even warmer and inclusive environment. 


Our personal favorite was watching the Ugly Sweater Contest. People were so creative! Some threw lights all over themselves, superglued pictures of the celebrity guests, and even brought the Lamp from A Christmas Story to life. Jonathan Bennet in particular was fantastic choice for host and his interactions with the celebrity judges made the entire contests that much more entertaining. 

One of our favorite parts about this convention was the overall heartwarming tone of the workers, guests, vendors, and attendees. While watching many of the panels, the guests made sure to talk about their charities for the Holiday season. Toys for Tots was also easily accessible for attendees to donate. Part of the spirit of Christmas is giving, and Christmas Con made sure to highlight that important message. 


When you first walk in, Hallmark is practically brought to life in the shape of giant set pieces where fans are able to take all of the pictures that they want! From fireplace settings, to comfy couches and a jumbo snowglobe, pictures are a MUST at this convention. It was so much fun to pose in front of some classic set pieces and interact with the amazing Hallmark workers.

The Hallmark workers were extremely positive and happy to help. When they saw families taking pictures, they gladly offered to take it for them and would even help them create poses. They went above and beyond, even serving free hot apple cider and cookies,making fans feel like they are truly experiencing a Christmas wonderland. Carolers in Victorian outfits surrounding the Hallmark sets singing Christmas music for everyone brought Holiday cheer and made us feel as though we were in not only a different world, but a different time.



We suggest that if you are looking to interact with your favorite celebrity that you skip the photo op and instead do a selfie and autograph at the table. From our personal experience, the photo op area is always rushed with rude workers and takes away from the magical experience that comes with this convention. The workers for the actual convention had really cute “Santa’s Helper” outfits and were super sweet to everyone! 

Christmas Con is confirmed for 2020 in LA and New Jersey. Be sure to keep up with their social media for more details. We are extremely excited for all that is in store for next year! We hope to see you there! 


Jaclyn & Marcella

Jaclyn and Marcella are best friends who obsess over all kinds of storytelling. They always have a book on them and are commonly found at the movies or binging their new favorite tv show. They're most known for crying over their ships on YouTube.

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