‘The Good Place’ fall finale recap: 4×09 “The Answer”

The Good Place fall finale recap: Season 4, Episode 9, “The Answer,” Aired Nov. 21, 2019

Welcome to the fall finale, an episode presented as a series of flashbacks into Chidi’s life. The episode seemed to just fly by for me. Also, how cute was little Chidi?! 


The Good Place fall finale 4x09 recap The Answer Ted Danson Michael William Jackson Harper Chidi Anagonye
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Apparently Chidi was Chidi from the very start. He even got a stomach ache as his parents decided what to name him when he was born. Later, when his parents were arguing, he, at 8 years old, argued a case against their divorce and kept them together by reminding them they loved each other.

As Eleanor said, he never really got to be a kid. Rather, he was a “miniature professor trying to solve all the world’s problems.”

The Answer

People haven’t always been receptive to Chidi’s Chidi-ness. His determination to find the answer to every solution repeatedly pushed people away, including friends, professors, and a serious girlfriend. 

Jason, Janet, and Tahani all helped convince Chidi that agonizing over finding the one answer to everything might just cause him to miss his shot at something great. Chidi even managed to come to terms with there not being only one answer to everything in life. Remember this.

Two platonic nerds obviously into each other

The fall finale gifted us with a series of new Cheleanor flashbacks! Chidi and Eleanor came together a number of different ways, and they’re all equally adorable. One notable version started at a game night where Chidi’s assigned soulmate walked off and Tahani paired Chidi with Eleanor. They got close over their ethics studying, and Eleanor kissed him goodnight one night. So cute! Too bad Chidi didn’t let himself enjoy it, taking some time to think about the whole soulmate thing and how it worked with his relationship with Eleanor.

The Good Place fall finale 4x09 Eleanor Shellstrop Kristen Bell
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Oh, before he had his memories erased, Chidi gave Janet a piece of paper that said “There is no ‘answer,’ but Eleanor is the answer.” Excuse me while I cry until the next episode.

“Man, I’m doing great”

The Good Place fall finale recap 4x09 William Jackson Harper Chidi Anagonye Michael Ted Danson
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Chidi is awake and has his memories, and he seems really cool about the whole thing. Eleanor told him the situation, and he explained there might not be one solution; there could be 800. This is not how I expected him to react at all, but maybe relaxed, less-worried Chidi will be the answer for the fate of humanity. 


This episode was so enjoyable, and despite an entire life story of flashbacks, not much actually happened. To me, it didn’t feel so much like a typical fall finale filled with plot twist after plot twist and ending in a cliffhanger, but I can say I’m very anxious to see the rest of the season next year.
Hang in there, benches. 


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