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‘Black Lightning’ 3×06: Top 3 moments from “Knocking on Heaven’s door”

Anissa's brush with death!

Black Lightning 3×06 recap: Season 3, Episode 06, “The Book of  Resistance: Chapter one: Knocking on Heaven’s door,” Aired Nov. 19, 2019

In Black Lightning 3×06, Anissa says her goodbyes, as she fears she doesn’t have long to live (after Painkillers toxin takes over her body); Odell ends up being hit in a Markovian shoot out; Lynn and Jefferson have a major fall out, which leads Lynn to moving into the A.S.A. facility full time; and more.

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of 3×06 in more detail:

#1 Fears for Anissa dying

We see Anissa opening up the episode with an emotional video recording of her saying her goodbyes to her family and Grace *sobs*! Anissa may have pretended she was going to be OK, but the video showed us she clearly had fears she wasn’t going to make it. 

Later, Gambi delivers some horrible news to Anissa over the toxin debacle. It turns out that if Anissa wasn’t a meta, she would have died already from the toxin. OH, and if that wasn’t a bad enough shock, it is now suppressing her meta gene as time goes on. And to make things even worse, Gambi doesn’t know if there will be enough time to create an anti-toxin in enough time to save Anissa. OMG! Right, so now we understand why Anissa made that good bye video … this is all too much to handle! 

Luckily, no major character death happened (yet) and Anissa lived to fight another battle! All thanks to Gambi figuring out how to produce an anti-toxin. While Gambi was doing so, he realized that the toxin was similar to Painkillers. He then puts two-and-two together, and discovers that Khalil’s grave is empty – OMG Gambi has figured it out! How will he break the news to Jen and the rest of the family? Odell’s big secret might no longer be secret anymore … 

#2 Odell no more

The Markovian’s make their way into Freeland – with a bang! A Markovian meta basically teleports into Freeland after killing some A.S.A. soldiers, allowing access into Freeland. They turn up to the Club 100 and cause a huge shoot out scene. Black Lightning turns up, and attempts to shield Agent Odell from the bullets. However, Jefferson was too late and Odell gets hit in the stomach. The Markovian’s flee during the chaos, and ultimately Odell ends up dying. 

After all that character build up, they just outright kill Odell? Wow, I was not expecting that. He was made out to be this next big villain (after Tobias), but I guess that was all irrelevant now that he is dead. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up coming back to life – it has happened before! 

Did you expect Odell to get killed off? Thoughts on what his death will  now bring to Freeland?

#3 Lynn and Jefferson break up

Tension is running high through out the episode with everyone – but it all gets too much for Lynn and Jefferson. After fighting, Lynn decides to pack her bags to go live at the A.S.A. facility long term. Let’s just hope this is a temporary thing! Surely after everything, Lynn and Jefferson won’t break up for good?

Things are obviously difficult right now, so it’s understandable people need their space. We can hope after they have both had time to cool off, maybe they can work things out. I also don’t think it is healthy for Lynn to be living in that facility 24/7. It will end up making her more addicted to Green Light.

Other important scenes:

  • Henderson introduces the reporter, Jamila, to the resistance group.
  • Jen discovers that Brandon is searching for Dr. Jace, as she killed his mom.
  • Tobias offered information on Odell, as long as Lynn gave him details on the pod kids.

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

Make sure to let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts on this episode and predictions for the rest of season 3.  I wanna know what y’all think! And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all my posts here!

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