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‘Supernatural’ 15×06 review: “Golden Time”

Supernatural 15×06 recap: Season 15, Episode 06, “Golden Time,” Aired November 21, 2019

Witch, I don’t think so! Rowena may be dead but the magic in her apartment is still very much alive. A witch found that out the hard way when she went to Rowena’s apartment to pillage her things and started bleeding from the nose and eyes and dies. That’s some strong ass magic!

Ghost? A normal day – Sam is doing research and Dean is eating, but there was something odd. It was a ghost from the not too distant past – Sam’s friend, Eileen! She was stuck in Hell and escaped when the doors opened. She can’t go to Heaven, so Sam is going to help her – without Dean. The plan is to put her in her own crystal so she doesn’t have to go back to Hell.

Cas, the fisherman/hunter. No, no, Cas isn’t taking up extreme wilderness hobbies just yet. (He did try to fish for it’s meditative purposes.) He is still feeling lost, until the chance to do a little hunting pops up in the small town he’s hanging out in. There is a dead boy and one missing and that means there is case!

Cas and Dean. Hello tension! Cas is working the case and needs Dean to verify that he is an agent. It’s the first time they have spoken since Cas left and it’s super tense. Cas doesn’t let this slow him down. He helps find the missing boy and kill the monster. Just like that, our angel boy is back in the game! Elsewhere, Dean sits out for most of this episode’s conflict and after seeing how hard Sam is trying to do good, he is also back in the game. Hopefully this renewed motivation for both Cas and Dean will be what brings them back together.

Witchy women. Sam and Ghost Eileen head to Rowena’s apartment to find the crystal – they also find the dead witch AND two women watching from a nearby van. It’s two witches and they just want Rowena’s goods and it seems that Sam is the only one who can enter the apartment (awww)! Sam finds a spell that will bring Eileen back from the dead, but the problem is – these witches want it too! The dead witch is their family member. 

War of the Worlds

Ghost vs. ghost and witches vs. Winchesters! The witches are holding Sam hostage  with a voodoo doll so he can gather more items from Rowena’s apartment for them, but Dean shows up to save him! They get into a brawl with the witches and then the dead witch ghost shows up to attack, but the bros have a ghost on their team too – Eileen! The Winchesters win and kill the witches (Sam with a hex bag and Dean with a gun)! VICTORY!

The spell. Back at the bunker, Sam uses Rowena’s spell to bring Eileen back to life! If you recall, Sam and Eileen had quite the connection before she died. Will we finally see a love connection that will work out for one of our fellas? After all the bullshit they have to deal with, these guys deserve some happiness. We are here for what Supernatural 15×06 is laying down!

What did you think of Supernatural 15×06? Were you happy to Eileen back? Hit the comments and let us know!

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