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Legacies 2×06 recap: Josie’s big choice, and all that TVDU nostalgia

Feels, feels, and more feels.

Legacies 2×06, “That’s Nothing I Had to Remember”, aired November 21, 2019.

Guys! This show is on fire this season. A whole lot happened in episode 6, “That’s Nothing I Had to Remember”:

  • Josie brought everyone’s memories back. (Gah!)
  • Auntie Freya made a cameo. (Yay!)
  • Sebastian made us all cry. (Sobs)
  • Matt Donovan is confirmed to be the town mayor. (F*** yes)

Let’s break down the biggest moments from tonight’s episode!

Josie listened to Caroline and did the right thing.

What’s great about this show is that the wisdom learned from its predecessor shows carries on. Josie is the one who hits up Rousseau’s in New Orleans to visit “a Mikaelson witch” in order to lift the Malivore memory spell. Her handy-dandy magical notebook from her ex-Penelope revealed that Lizzie’s memories have returned, forcing Josie to make a tough choice. If she brings everyone’s memories back of Hope, that puts her relationship with Landon in jeopardy. Or, does she do the opposite—erase everyone’s memory of Hope, for good.

After talking to her mom, Caroline, she decides to do the right thing and give everyone their memories, leaving them to make their own decisions. (She also did a nasty push-spell to Freya which I did NOT appreciate, but her hair looked so damn good in this episode I’m giving her a pass.)

Which brings me to…

Landon and Hope reuniting.

Could this epic couple reunite any other way? Arguing like an old married couple is only fitting here. Here’s the tea, y’all:

  • Landon is mad at Hope, because he loves her. So. F***ing. Much. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t care less about remembering their time together.
  • He’s also upset with her because he knows her. He knows she always, always puts herself before everyone. She never gives anyone the chance to be the hero, because she’d rather die than risk anyone she loves getting hurt.

Remember: Not only is Landon pissed off about Hope not telling everyone she was “back”, but he’s also pissed because of what happened in the season 1 finale. Hope didn’t tell Landon what she was doing—that she was about to jump into the pit and he’d forget her (forever.) Landon has a damn good reason to be pissed (a few, to be exact.)

I also loved how after Hope killed the Croatoan and told Landon, “Now we can talk”, Landon walked away. Not only did this give off major Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Hush” vibes, it was the only way he could react. He’s not a hot head, and he’s processing so much, he needed time to think. What do you say to the person you just remembered a minute ago was the love of your life?

What will Landon do?

TBH, we all know Hope and Landon are endgame (yes, I used the “e” word), but this isn’t about that. It’s about what they’re learn on their way to getting there. Yes, Ethan is hot and has dimples that rival my 6-month old’s (they’re that adorable), but Landon and Hope are a deep, deep love. They met in darkness, and they found the light through each other. Yes, Hope jumped into a PIT of darkness… but that’s why she needs Landon. Her light has to guide her home.

With that, I don’t want to diminish the moment between Landon and Josie on the dock at the end of the episode. He was as honest as he could be, and Josie knows that’s all he can give right now.

Josie. Oh, Josie.

Poor Josie. Not only is Vardemus/Clarke using her to harbor dark magic for him (I think), she just can’t catch a break in the love department. How much can this sweet girl take? First, Penelope leaves, and now the Landon/Hope bombshell. Ugh.

Can we talk about the spells she’s been casting? It’s H-A-R-D to take down a Mikaelson witch—that blow to Freya was no joke. Not too mention the Malivore-memory spell. We didn’t see Clarkedemus (ha) this episode, so maybe she’ll be visiting him to make her feel better from all the dark magic she’s been doing next week?

Lizzie is crushing it.

Oh, to write lines for Lizzie Saltzman:

  • “Maybe you’re too busy flirting with the muggle.”
  • “Where do you stand on Ewoks?”
  • “You might still want to plant your flag on Muppet Treasure Island.”

I could watch her for hours! Making up with Josie was sweet, but we all know that Josie’s dark magic is going to get the best of her, and with Kai making an appearance this season… things are going to get messy.

In other news, M.G. comes clean to Lizzie about Sebastian. Does this mean we have a new couple on our hands? After hearing that HEART-WRENCHING back story (his tears!) I wouldn’t mind seeing these two pair up for a bit. M.G. and Kaleb’s sister Kym (who was hilarious in this episode) are crushing on each other hard, so there’s plenty of love to go around ATM.

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Sebastian’s backstory

Just when I thought I couldn’t fall more in love with this ancient vamp, he pulls the old, “I watched the love of my life get mauled by a Croatoan she summoned herself while I desiccated” card.

And how great was this week’s monster? What a great thread to weave through all the secrets between our gang. Also, I’m glad that thing is dead, because it was creepy AF.

The nostalgia!

Where do I start? Let’s dig into the nostalgia this episode:

  • The wall of photos at Rousseau’s: Jackson, Davina, Cami, Josh!
  • FREYA AND KEELIN NAMED THEIR SON NIK. Yes, as in, “Niklaus.” Excuse me while I sob for days.

Um, weird eye monster?

The episode ends with one of the robed people slicing the zombie’s (another monster that showed up) blood over a bird bath in the cemetery, creating some sort of weird eye-monster to show them what’s going on in The Salvatore School. Again, this show just keeps delivering new, weird things—and I’m here for it.


  • M.G. silk pj’s = YAS
  • Lizzie thinks Hope is cool (for reals.)
  • Freya and Hope reuniting. Hope needed a win, and it was beautiful.
  • We got some classic vampire effects in this episode, which is always fun.
  • Sorry, councilman?
  • Poor Raf—this guy can’t catch a break.
  • Kym and her nerdy history knowledge of Roanoke was awesome. More Kaleb & Co., please!
  • Ric and the sheriff: Do we want this? What’s up with her ex-husband?
  • ETHAN! Stop running through the damn cemetery.

Alright, guys, what were your thoughts on this week’s episode? Things are getting weird, and it’s awesome. Drop your theories in the comments or tweet me @lizprugh.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST/8pmCST on The CW.

Image: The CW, Legacies 2×06


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