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‘Charmed’ recap: Red Dresses & Darklighters in 2×06, “When Sparks Fly”

Charmed, Ep 2×06, “When Sparks Fly” aired on Nov 15, 2019

Welp! It’s officially happened. Sure I was feeling all the feels for the Harry/Macy pairing and enjoying the slow build that culminated in the 2×05 reveal that left no doubt about Hacy’s mutual attraction. So what finally pitched me headlong down the Hacy fangirl rabbithole? First there was a certain red dress, fantastic chemistry, and a lot of hours pouring over fan fiction. Yea so that happened. We also saw some interesting developments surrounding Maggie’s new power, Jordan’s background, and Mel/Harry’s bond. Please be aware that reading forward, you will encounter spoilers for Ep 2×06, “When Sparks Fly”.

It’s Complicated

The slow burn continues for Harry and Macy (and Jimmy?) in 2×06, “When Sparks Fly”. The episode opens for Macy with her back home at the manor and Harry wanting to celebrate her return. Of course it doesn’t take long for Macy to figure out that she hasn’t been rescued. She’s trapped with Harry’s darker half, Jimmy. On my initial watch if Macy and Jimmy’s scenes together, our Darklighter was creeping me out. 

Harry’s darker half was in full romance mode, whipping up dinner and pulling Macy into an intimate dance. Jimmy is undeniably charming as Macy later reveals to Harry. But everything else about him and that draw feels tainted. Like, my dude, get it together. You have kidnapped this woman, you’re holding her against her will, AND  you’re threatening her sisters. Poor Jimmy needs to work on his game. Both Rupert and Madeleine were both amazing to watch together and apart throughout the episode. 

Macy initially plays along with the charade that she’s home and getting cozy with Harry. Then she whips out that red dress that has spawned quite a few fan fiction one-shots. Now, I meant what I said about Jimmy and his tainted charm, BUT how about that dance that follows once Macy has the dress on. Sure her main goal is to get close enough to steal the totem dampening her powers and he’s still shady as hell, but I couldn’t help but wonder at the amazing chemistry all over my television as the two swayed cheek-to-cheek. Then things went full on Mr. And Mrs Smith with Macy unleashing her pyrokenisis and Jimmy lobbing grenades at her head. It’s no wonder that Macy goes for Harry’s throat when he appears with Mel.

Ma-ma-my-my Pokerface

After this episode, I’m going to need Mel to institute mandatory Fright Night poker games at the manor. It is always the most fun watching Mel and Harry stumble into trouble. The game couldn’t end any other way than having the concealment spell wear off and revealing that Mel had been helping “Jimmy” cheat during the Texas Hold’em game. Where would the fun have been if Mel had just immediately threatened the demons with hellfire?

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of the one-eyed demon played by Timothy V. Murphy. Could he be the one pulling Jimmy’s strings and collecting powerful creatures? Doubtful from the little we’ve seen so far. Who do you think rescued Jimmy from his prison? Perhaps Abby? She did accidentally(?) trigger the failsafe that destroyed potential evidence in 2×05. What about Kat? Is there more to the haunted shopowner than meets the eye? What about Jordan? He has that ring that’s been triggering Maggie’s premonitions and quite the voice. 

Charmed: The Musical

I didn’t realize I needed an entire musical episode until Maggie barged onstage with Jordan for one amazing rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. A true classic that Maggie and Jordan manage nailing…whilst putting on a very comedic lesson about consent. Desperate to trigger a new premonition that could help them track down Macy, Maggie is all over Jordan during their duet. Jordan’s girlfriend is clearly pissed and Jordan ends up hogging the mic for much of the song.

We as the audience knew why she was doing it, but the secondhand embarrassment was real. There were just several layers of things going on all at once. It was funny and well-executed all the way around. Jordan is an interesting figure. How about his offer to let the girls move in with him?

Is Jordan just super nice dude looking for ladies in need of saving? What’s his family’s connection to magic? There has to be more to it than the ring, right? What was up with the premonition? Could his connection to the Charmed Ones get him killed? Guess we’ll have to watch and see.


Nice Guys Finish…

Harry rescued the girl. Well after she semi-rescued herself. He went back and battled it out with Jimmy. Why oh why was Harry so dang certain that Jimmy was gone for good? It was a good fight but definitely too soon to say goodbye to Harry’s darker half. What did you think of the final moments of the episode? We know how they feel about each other, but Harry’s the nice guy who always does the right thing. Like “not hook up with one of his charges” kind of nice guy. 

Plus both Harry and Macy are dealing with their own separate traumas. In decades of tv-watching and shipping, few tv relationships  worth having have come easily. Harry and Macy are going to be worth every moment of angst and fluff that we have coming. Fingers crossed that the writers don’t feel the need to drag out the whole “will they, won’t they?” trope for eight seasons like some of my faves have done in the past. Going by some of the great writing and further world-building we’ve gotten so far this season, I’m so confident the show can pull thus off without torturing us overmuch.  

We are so close to the fall finale. Just two more episodes! What the what? I’m going to need more doc recommendations. STAT! What other storylines are you hoping to see coming up? We already know from today’s news that someone from Maggie’s past puts in an appearance in 2×07. Hit the comments section below or visit us on social media.


Charmed airs on Fridays at 8/7c and is available streaming on The CW app

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