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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×06 – “License to Elongate”

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear tuxes.

“License to Elongate” aired on 19 November 2019 and is the 6th episode of The Flash season 6.

If anyone needed a drinking game, take a sip for every James Bond reference this episode has, because they are plenty. Ralph and Barry suited up – in tuxedos, that is – this week in an effort to find Sue Dearborn. Naturally, things don’t go to plan.

What this episode did was recognise Barry Allen, not just the Flash. In fact, being the Flash foiled Barry this week while he was undercover with Ralph. Barry needed a very human mission to remember that he too, was a person, not just an action hero.

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The name’s Dibny, Ralph Dibny

As part of his post-Crisis transition plans, Barry sets up a surprise press conference to officiate Elongated Man as Central City’s next protector. In the meantime, he offers to help Ralph look for Sue Dearborn…at a fancy rich people auction.

Ralph is really good at being all James Bond-esque. He gets into the VIP lounge, only for “Allen Barry” to blow their cover. The meister alerts his security guard, Ultraviolet, to the party crashers.

An edgy Barry speed-searches the complex against Ralph’s advice. The meta activity triggers security protocol. Ultraviolet and the meister catch both the Flash and Ralph, just as the latter discovered that the main auction item is a satellite laser missile system and the gala attendees are all criminals.

While tied up and awaiting their doom, Ralph gives Barry an important lesson. “Tonight’s job was for Ralph Dibny, because both parts of my identity have value. Barry Allen is just as important as The Flash. Try to remember that. I know I will.”

the flash ralph dibny
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Then he goes true James Bond, with weapons in his cufflink and all that. The two break free, fight Ultraviolet and the meister, and Ralph does some swift computer stuff to self-destruct the missiles. Barry acting drunk and conspiratorially whispering “I love Mortal Kombat!” was hilarious. For his efforts, he finally gets to declare, “The name’s Allen, Barry Allen.”

The next day, the Flash officiates Elongated Man as a protector of Central City. Ralph vows to “defend Central City with my dying breath.” (That wording sounds ominous.) Then he flips the conference to present Barry with a medal of honor for his work as a CSI. It is a thank you and proper send off for Barry, who means as much to others as the Flash does.

What’s up Party People?!

Elsewhere, the last of black hole energy has drained out of Chester P. Runk. The excitably man eagerly explores Star Labs, but his party is cut short when he realises the world thinks he is dead.

Fortunately, new metahuman attorney Cecile Horton is there to get his affairs back up and running. She also comes up with a plan to help him ask his crush out, but it backfires hilariously as a bemused Killer Frost watches. “The Book of Ralph says that when you ask someone out, the best thing is to be yourself.”

Cecile admits that her helping Chester with his problems was a way for her to cope with the big change in her life – leaving her DA position for a completely novel job. The two of them agree to embrace this new phase of their lives. Chester then tries to ask Natalie out on his own. She turns him down, but he is okay.

Cecile invites Chester to join Star Labs, on account that he gives a good pep talk. (The Flash does love pep talks.) Chester is expectedly very excited by this prospect.

Mythbuster Wells

Harrison Wells. Always a man of mystery, no matter which doppelgänger you pick.

Nash Wells believes the Monitor is simply a fear monger and plans to destroy him. First, he needs to break through the wall in the sewer to get to the Monitor’s interdimensional portal. Unfortunately the wall has a force field impervious to phasing and physical breaking.

the flash nash wells tom cavanagh
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Nash encounters Allegra while poking around Iris’ office. He needs her UV rays to break the force field and offers her a deal – she helps him, and he’ll give her a scoop about the multiverse. Along the way, Nash reveals the Flash’s identity to Allegra.

Allegra initially hesitates to use her powers because she doesn’t want to be like Ultraviolet. Nash pep talks her. They get a glimpse of the portal.

After that short adventure, Nash says Allegra reminds him of someone. “Another doppelgänger?” “Something like that.”

I don’t think anyone saw that coming, but is it ever a Harrison Wells without some unexpected plot twist? Time for theories! Is Allegra a doppelgänger of his daughter? Does it have something to do with why he wants to take down the Monitor?

Finally, Bloodwork attacks Ralph in our closing scenes. At least Ralph was in his costume and not the tux.

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