‘Stumptown’ 1×07 recap: “November Surprise”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “November Surprise,” aired Nov. 20, 2019.

Oh, I know I am ready for one awkward Friendsgiving. Jealousy, politics, awkward sex talk — what could go wrong? Let’s dig into this week’s Stumptown!

Let’s get political and awkward

Dex is hired to find dirt on political figure Dan Gibson on behalf of his political nemesis. Grey and Ansel are both not on board with Dex’s new case, however. She doesn’t care though and goes undercover to work on Dan’s campaign. Looks like there’s a lot of cold calling in her future while undercover…and some rude people on the other side of the call! Sounds about right.

Thank goodness for Bad Alibis because Dex is able to book the venue to host a Dan Gibson fundraiser. Dex does have an ulterior move: to clear the office out so she can snoop around Gibson’s office. Even Hoffman shows up. He also asks to meet Ansel. Okay, I’m really liking Hoffman and Dex together. I am so confused.

Liz, Grey’s new gal pal, asks him for a job at his bar. Seems like Dex isn’t too keen on her working at the bar. Oh, she’s hella jealous. I am here for it, I must say. 

Oh dang

Another PI, Carol, was hired to go undercover, too, and she is not liking that Dex is undercover trying to find the same dirt as she. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful Dex is able to fight her way out of situations. Her next step is to go to college, well not actually go to college, but you get me. Dex questions a professor about the letter she found in Gibson’s office, but the professor shrugs her off.

Hoffman knows the other PI? Like I said, oh dang. Carol is really trying to push Dex out of the PI game. Oh, heck no, Carol. Hoffman tells Carol to think about that cabin; aka he’s telling Carol that she’s getting old af. 

I love Ansel and Grey’s relationship. Speaking of relationships, the professor divulges to Dex that Gibson got tangled up with a girl about 15 years ago. Hmmm. Grey is helping Dex out with the case, admitting to Liz that he’s having fun with this. 


Dex pays an unexpected visit to the student Gibson had a baby with. She encourages the woman to tell Gibson that he has a son, but they’re not real thrilled Dex is making a buck on their family’s secrets. However, Dex is having some moral dilemmas with the case. When she goes to talk to Grey about it, she gets annoyed that Grey told Liz about the case. TENSION AHOY! (Sorry, I still use my OUAT terms in my recaps…)

Dex goes to Carol to take the info she found and they can split the money. Long story short, Carol doesn’t take Dex up on the offer. As she’s leaving, Dex gets a text from Ansel signifying that he needs her help. Turns out it’s political lady who tells Dex the woman’s brother came to her with the news of Gibson’s son. SHADYYYY. 

Cheating on Bad Alibis at another bar, Dex? Tsk. Just as Grey heads out to meet Liz, she texts him that she won’t be able to make it. So, it’s not just me that senses Dex is into Grey. 


Liz tells Grey that they should merely just be coworkers. The reason? She sees how Dex and Grey interact and believes there’s something there. Girl, there is TOTALLY something there. Though, Grey says there is nothing between him and Dex. Ugh. I feel like I’m the one in a love triangle.

Before it goes public, Dex tells Gibson that he has a son. This completely changes Gibson’s political campaign, though. Both Gibson and his manager/husband are in a panic over what to do, but Dex jumps in that she has a plan that they’re probably not going to dig. Their goal is to save the son from the media storm that would surely transpire when the news gets out.

Gibson says he’s going to drop out of the race to save his son’s identity. Dex even gives back the money and is, like, definitely never working for that woman ever again. Good for you, Dex. And cue Friendsgiving! Honestly, I am with Dex on her suspicions of Liz being overly happy…Lol. Oh gosh, that was some awkwardness there. 

More of Madeline’s musings

  • I’m actually confused about Dex’s feelings towards Grey.
  • The jealousy all around Stumptown. 
  • I still don’t know how to feel about Liz, other than the fact she’s getting in between my ship.
  • Dex admitting she was wrong for taking the case was really good on her part.
  • Politics are a dirty, dirty game.
  • Oh, do I see some jealousy when Hoffman shows up at Dex’s house?!
  • Dex is clearly in love with Grey, and I can’t handle this.

This was a fun, albeit, awkward episode. We are here for it. What did you think of tonight’s Stumptown? Comment below or share your thoughts with us via Twitter!

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