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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×07 “Tremors”

Superfans, I will only be talking about two things in this recap: #Supercorp and Martians. Let’s be serious we all just want to talk about #Supercorp, so lets get through the Martian bits first!

Chats with Dad

It really is amazing how often J’onn gets to talk to his dead Father. It kind of reverses the impact of his death on J’onn if he can just talk to him whenever he wants. Am I the only one that feels this way? Anyways, J’onn keeps getting psychic surges. It is effecting his daily life. 

He decides to reach out to his Father, through the world’s strongest meditation. His Father appears (again). J’onn apologizes to his Dad for erasing his memory. Mr. J’onzz refuses to accept his apology. He states that he should have never locked his son up in the first place. True. Then he drops the truth bomb. Malik is still on Earth, in National City. 

J’onn must submit his mind to Malik to save his Brother. The other side to this coin is his Brother could also kill him when he submits. J’onn must choose to save his Brother or himself. He’s J’onn so naturally he submits his mind. Malik sees and feels everything J’onn has ever been through. They end the scene hugging. Is everything just forgiven? Who knows?

Lena’s Plan

At the beginning of the episode we learn of Lena’s ultimate agenda. This is interesting though, revealing it this early makes it seem like Lena’s villainy is coming to a close. Here is what she has been up to. 

  • Lena plans on using Obsidian tech, Malik’s inception, and Lex Luthor’s myriad device.
  • From what we can gather, she is going to infect the air with some type of tech that resets people’s minds. 
  • She doesn’t have the myriad device, so for her final plan to work she has one more step. 

What is the step? She is going to steal the device from the Fortress of Solitude. That’s right, Lena is going to steal from Kara. How does this all come to fold?


The first member of Leviathan to be named is Rama Khan. Rama Khan is an Earthbender. That right, you heard me! We are going Avatar up in here. Rama Khan has been around for thousands of years and is responsible for Pompeii and other major disasters. 

Rama Khan’s goal is to keep the humans in line just enough for them not to destroy the Earth. In order to do that he need the Acrata amulet back. Who has the amulet currently? Lena Luthor. Once again Lena’s life is in danger. Lena however, is expecting Leviathan to come after her, now that she has the amulet. 

She is counting on them to attack her. They do. She calls on Supergirl. The final step of Lena’s plan is:

  1. Convince Kara the only weapons to stop Rama Khan are Lex’s.
  2. Lex’s weapons are in the Fortress of Solitude. 
  3. Kara takes Lena with her to the Fortress to retrieve the weapons. 

#Supercorp Heartbreak


Kara gives Lena a tour of the Fortress. After Kara shows Lena where the weapons are, Rama Khan attacks them. The problem is Rama Khan is stupid. He can only manipulate earth. The Fortress is made out of Krypton. Kara traps him and Lena shoots him with a blaster. He evaporates or something. The point is he doesn’t die. 

Supergirl turns around and Lena is gone. She catches up to her and she has the Myriad device in her hand. The jig is up! Lena reveals to Kara that she knew way before Kara told her, she was Supergirl. This was the audience clue to pull the tissues out. 

“You told me at nausea that you would never betray me. That’s exactly what you did.”

Lena let out all her pain and suffering. She told Kara everything. There isn’t a single person that wouldn’t feel for Lena in this moment. Someone give Katie McGrath all the awards! Luthor was crying, Kara was crying, I was crying. This is the moment you see Kara understand the full impact of what she has done. 

A Broken Heart


Ms. Luthor hacks the Fortress security system. No, I don’t know how she knows how to do it! She traps Kara in laced with Kryptonite. Lena leaves with the Myriad device. Supergirl is left to linger in sadness. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? How is your heart? Mine is broken. 


Supergirl airs Sunday night, on The CW. 



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