‘Batwoman’ review: 1×07 “Tell Me The Truth” Dives into Sophie Moore!

Batwoman review Season 1, Episode 7, “Tell Me The Truth” Aired Nov. 17, 2019.

Kate swinging, kicking, and punching at the air in her bat cave was a fitting sequence in this episode. One punch for perpetual loneliness. One kick for Catherine. Multiple swings for Alice. And another and another for her conflicting and confusing feelings for Sophie.

This episode didn’t focus a lot on villain of the week, or Alice plot either. It was about Sophie, and her point of view:

Moore Backstory… see what I did there?


Firstly, let’s start with the positives. Sophie’s story is unfortunately one in which many people can relate too. Her parents don’t accept LGBTQ+ people, and that’s coupled with the fact she doesn’t have Kate’s privilege. Everyone understands and sympathizes as to why Sophie decided to sign the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” papers.

Saying “f you” to the academy and getting kicked out still sucked for Kate, but the ramifications were not as detrimental for her as they would have been for Sophie. Kate had money, and had options. Sophie had a dream and a family she wanted to take care of. I don’t blame her at all for choosing her career first. 


But one surprising fact about this whole thing is Jacob Kane knew Sophie and Kate were a couple. He was a supportive father to both Kate and Sophie. Jacob showed up before the hearing and told Sophie that Kate was not going to sign them, and he’ll be supportive. But he also told Sophie that he would understand if she did sign them, and he would be supportive. Because the cost of not signing them = expulsion.

During this whole situation Kate was sporting some rather surprising ignorance at Sophie’s point of view. I think she might have been blinded by the romance of it all? The “it will be fine, as long as we stick together” attitude has its swoon worthy moments, but a realist like Sophie cannot completely stomach it. That would mean relying on Kate too much in the relationship while simultaneously putting loads more pressure on it.

Sophie didn’t want that. She wanted to rely on herself. She wanted to feel in charge and empowered by her career. Unfortunately, Sophie was put in a situation where she had to choose being empowered in her career, or in her relationship.

Okay, let’s get into the not so great aspects of this backstory. The Jacob and Sophie conversation was nice to see, but Jacob is actually Kate’s father. I would have liked to see a conversation between them where Jacob shines a light on Kate’s ignorance regarding Sophie’s situation and point of view. I would have also just liked to see the hearing itself, where Kate Kane says a big “f you” to the man and we get a quick shot of Jacob smiling proudly. That would have given me all the feels.

But back to Sophie. What doesn’t make sense is Sophie telling Kate she doesn’t love her anymore. It was unnecessarily cruel. The breakup due to unfair circumstances was already a stab in the gut for both of them. But I guess this tired trope I clearly don’t like can be forgiven all in the name of “clean breaks”.

However, my problems so far with the Sophie character really had nothing to do with their pre-Batwoman history. It was her confusing signals she was sending Kate, and the fact that she’s married.

Batwoman could have inserted some will-they-won’t-they without Sophie being married. The “I can’t be with you because its dangerous, and because being a hero sometimes makes me an unreliable partner and you deserve better” is a good superhero trope for a reason. That inserts will-they-won’t-they all on its own. Sophie being married, in my opinion, is not the good kind of angst.


This can go four ways:

  1. Sophie and Kate cheat on her husband.
  2. Sophie realizes that “it’ll always be Kate” and she files for divorce (or vise versa, Tyler realizes it will “always be Kate” for Sophie and files for divorce).
  3. Tyler dies, Sophie grieves for a bit, Kate and Sophie get back together.
  4. Tyler is evil! 

And none of those options makes me want to root for this relationship. She’s married. Not in a long term serious relationship. MARRIED! Vows were said.

And however they choose to get Sophie and Kate together, someone is going to get hurt.

Lastly, I’ll just say this: I’m still not feeling their chemistry. 

Stray Musings:

  • Julia Pennyworth: Such a fun character that does have chemistry with Kate.
  • Mary is so patient waiting for Kate to be an active participant in their sisterhood. Forever we stan.
  • The Mouse reveal was underwhelming because nothing Jacob did had us worried or foreshadowed anything. I guess they are leaving it for next episode?
  • Kate Kane owning a gay bar is all kinds of epicness. That moment in the episode where she called out that restaurant owner really played into Ruby Rose’s strengths: defiance.
  • The whole “can you trust Sophie?” thing… no. 
  • I didn’t feel like this episode had a natural flow, it was kind of clunky.

Batwoman is all new Sundays at 8 PM on The CW!



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