‘The Good Doctor’ 3×08 recap: “Moonshot”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 8, “Moonshot,” aired Nov. 18, 2019.

Relationships are moving forward in tonight’s episode of The Good Doctor. Well, some. Morgan also has her first lead surgery and a secret only Glassman knows. Let’s dig into the episode!

A rollercoaster…of emotions

Yep, Shaun is 100% me when on a rollercoaster… After their date, Carly leads Shaun into her bedroom, but he apologizes and walks away. Awe. Their’s isn’t the only relationship evolving: Melendez and Lim are trying to come to terms with their romance and working relationship. 

It’s Morgan’s turn for her first lead surgery, and apparently it’s the “holy grail” of surgeries. Even the other residents are flabbergasted by it. Meanwhile, Park and Shaun are fanboying over their patient who wrote some medical (?) article. However, her health is in danger.

Speaking of fanboying, Melendez just admitted he was a Star Trek fan to Claire. Their patient has a goal: to go to the Moon. Claire doesn’t see the appeal, as she never wished to be an astronaut like every other kid. Honestly, I’m with Claire — I was content with aspiring to be a writer. Obviously.

Morgan, you okay?

As Morgan is practicing her surgery, she gets a little frazzled and pops some pills. Wonder what is going on there. Morgan tells Andrews that the surgery he gave her is too hard, and she thinks he’s setting her up to fail. However, he has absolute faith in her. That was actually unexpected because I don’t recall interactions between them…ever.

As I’ve said previously, it’s good that they’re acknowledging the trauma Melendez went through. It’s also good they’re delving into the complexity of his and Lim’s relationship. There’s some push and pull there.

Shaun drops something off to Carly, and he admits to her that he wants to have sex with her. When they try again with exposure therapy, he tells her he can’t do it. She tells him to leave because she’s put a lot of effort into trying with him, but he hasn’t done the same with her.

Do your research

Glassman catches Lim and Melendez arguing and calls them into his office. Uh oh. Melendez asks Glassman to look at the case Lim presented, but he trusts Lim’s judgment. This can’t bode well for Melendez not trusting her judgment. Except, it does! Melendez tells Lim he loves her, and Lim says they have to find a way for this all to work. Yay!

Back to Morgan…she goes to Glassman with a secret that she has rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, Glassman tells Morgan she’ll have to postpone her first surgery. But she doesn’t want to, and she doesn’t want to tell anyone else because she thinks they’ll think lesser of her. All she’s asking of Glassman is for someone to believe in her.

In conclusion

After Park visits his patient’s ex-husband, the ex eventually shows up for her. Sadly, she does not make it. Her ex thanks Park for coming to him to be with her during her last moments. Gosh, why does this show have to be so sad?!

For the first time, we see Morgan’s confidence deflate as she does her surgery. Despite this, she successfully completes the surgery, earning Andrew’s approval. Glassman’s reaction to Morgan has to have more of an underlying meaning, right? He looked really upset. There’s got to be something more to this storyline. 

Looks like Melendez’s patient might actually be heading to the Moon after all! Lim goes to Melendez and OMG WHY? I didn’t want them to breakup. That was not supposed to happen. 

Shaun goes back to Carly, and he tells her he wants to try again.

More of Madeline’s musings

  • So much tension in this hospital.
  • I like how fatherly Park is towards Shaun.
  • “Success and happiness are not the same thing.” It’s the simple quotes that always hold the most meaning. The Good Doctor writers always pull through.
  • I am feeling really bad for Morgan.
  • Melendez being supportive of Lim during their patient’s surgery — yas.

Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. Dang you, The Good Doctor! What did you think of this episode? Sign off below or tweet us!

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