‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 6: Best Peraltiago moments


A wise person once said that if you have to make your characters kiss for your audience to understand they’re in love, then you’re writing it wrong. Actually, it came from a post I saw on Tumblr (not that people there aren’t wise). But it sounds a lot like something Dan Goor, the co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, could have said, after giving us a full season without a single kiss between Jake and Amy. Yet, season 6 was still full of amazing scenes between our favorite couple, as they appeared to be more in love than ever now that they tied the knot.

With season 7 finally getting an air date (February 6th, 2020) and an 8th season already confirmed at NBC, it’s time to do a little throwback and remember some of the best Peraltiago moments of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6!

When Jake put socks on Amy’s feet

For me, ‘Casecation’ is one of the best Peraltiago-centric episodes of the whole show. It is filled with many sweet (and angsty) Jake and Amy moments — including their top #5 moments of their first year of marriage. That flashback of Amy waking up after Jake put socks on her feet must be one of the cutest domestic scenes we ever saw of the two of them. I agree with Amy when she says this might be her favorite moment of their entire time as a couple.

The way she looks at him when she realizes what he did brought me right back to a previous flashback of April 28th, 2017, when Jake decided he wanted to marry Amy. You can easily tell how much they love each other by the way these two look at each other.

If this moment was #2 on their list of favorite, I’m curious to know what #1 was. After all, they never got the chance to talk about it…

Amy’s speech at the end of ‘The Golden Child’

best peraltiago moments
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Jake is usually the one who makes grand speeches when it comes to his and Amy’s relationship. She, on the other hand, has other ways to express her love for him. Sometimes, though, she does express her love through words as well — and it’s always beautiful. I’m sure we all remember her wedding vows, for example.

After fearing for his life in a dangerous situation, Amy told her husband just how much he means to her. And it was beautiful indeed. She realized that being her parents’ favorite child doesn’t matter; what matters most is that she has Jake in her life.

The way he hyped her up and stood up to her mother during the episode were also some great Peraltiago moments this season. We’re never tired of Jake being an amazing husband who’s just so in love with his wife!

When Amy shared her #MeToo story with Jake

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not only a hilarious sitcom, but it also tackles some more serious topics. Season 6 made no exception with a #MeToo episode. Whilst its main plot focused on a ‘he said, she said’ case, it also allowed us to learn more about Amy’s past. Indeed, she shared her own #MeToo story with Jake.

The scene was very emotional. It showed us a side of Amy we didn’t often see in the past. And we got another glimpse of Jake always being so supportive of his wife. These more serious Peraltiago moments are just as important as the funny ones.

When they both roleplayed during their honeymoon

When it comes to the best Peraltiago moments of season 6, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season premiere was already full of great scenes between the two of them. Indeed, the show started right where it left off — with Jake and Amy having just said their ‘I do’s. We then followed them during their honeymoon, where they encountered a very depressed Captain Holt after he didn’t make commissioner.

If Holt kind of ruined all of their couple activities, he finally left the newlyweds alone by the end of the episode. He even offered to pay for one more week of their honeymoon. Jake and Amy didn’t waste another second to make the most of their vacation, dressing up as Holly Gennero and Melvil Dewey to please their partner… and our eyes.

The Peraltiago relationship was definitely off to a great start with this season premiere.

When Jake told Amy he wants to have kids… with her

best peraltiago moments
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Another of my favorite Peraltiago moments this season happened at the end of ‘Casecation’. Jake not only re-used the ‘your butt is the bomb’ joke from his and Amy’s wedding, but he also told her that he wants to have kids with her. And they left the hospital brainstorming baby names. What better ending could have we asked for after such an episode?

This was a very lovely scene. One that could start to pave the way towards a new development for Jake and Amy’s relationship next season: a Peraltiago baby!

Jake’s reaction to Amy’s (fake) pregnancy

Speaking of Peraltiago babies, we already got a glimpse of what Jake’s reaction would be like if Amy were to tell him she’s pregnant. Indeed, just like he did back in season 3 with a fake proposal, she faked a pregnancy during the squad’s annual heist so that he wouldn’t tase her again. Yes, this 6th heist was very chaotic.

Was this scene a foreshadowing of a real pregnancy in season 7? I surely hope so! Jake’s reaction, already so excited about the news, was too cute not to get to see him react to Amy being pregnant for realz.

And you, what do you think were the best Peraltiago moments of season 6? Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back on NBC on February 6th, 2020 for a one-hour season 7 premiere!


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