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‘Supernatural’ 15×05 review: “Proverbs 17:3”

We did not see THAT coming

Supernatural 15×05 recap: Season 15, Episode 05, “Proverbs 17:3,” Aired November 14, 2019

Sam and Dean are trying to take their minds off of the bleak and depressing string of events in their lives with a case, but this case is NOT a standard monster of the week. Here’s what went down in this eyebrow raising game-changer. 

 Camping. Just don’t go camping, okay? Okay.

Bad dreams. Sam is still having the dreams where he is very demon-like, which means this is not just a your run of the mill nightmare. These dreams are a thang. In this dream, Dean shoots Sam in the head with the Colt. In the lore, the Colt can kill anything, but it doesn’t kill Sam (much like it didn’t’ kill Lucifer). Sam bounces back up and burns Dean alive. Yikes.

Hunting people and eating them, the family business? The Winchesters save people, but the monster bros in this episode are doing the exact opposite. They are werewolves who have recently started feeding on humans and they have some major daddy issues – sound familiar? They are a strange parallel to Dean and Sam for sure – the good and the bad side of embracing who you really are – monster and hunter respectively.

A little too easy? Sam makes a comment that this is all a little too easy. Finding the monsters, to the monsters literally offing themselves. Something doesn’t feel right – because it’s NOT! 

Buyer's Remorse

Lilith! Finally all of the pieces of this episode have come together to reveal that the “victim” is really just Lilith, the demon from their past. She was resurrected by God and is reluctantly seeking the magic gun for him – the one that weakened Chuck in his battle with the Winchesters.

More dreams. Sam was knocked out by Lilith and had another dream. In this dream, Dean kills Sam. Also, Dean has the Mark and that burgundy shirt on (chef’s kiss). Lilith reveals in the car ride that God’s plan will always end with one brother killing the other. It seems that Sam’s dreams could actually be a link to Chuck because of the bullet wound!

The end. Lilith (who is a lot scarier than we remember) gets the gun and melts it in her palm leaving the Winchesters without the only weapon they had against Chuck. Sam and Dean finally connect the dots between Sam’s dreams, and Chuck because of Lilith. They have to fight God or face his planned ending for them.

We all know that the Winchesters will never kill each other and that they won’t give up until God is defeated, but their hope is dwindling. They are stripped of their friends, their family and the weapon that could help them. Looks like it’s time to cook up a miracle, boys.

What did you think of Supernatural 15×05? Were you shocked to see Lilith return? Hit the comments and let us know!

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