Limited Edition Donkey Kong Vinyl: New music from the OG ’94 Nintendo game

It's bananas! Reimagined music from the original Donkey Kong Country soundtrack

Gamers get ready–nostalgia is sweeping through the jungle with this reimagining of the original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack from the hit 1994 game released on Super Nintendo. The Donkey Kong vinyl, ‘Banana Jamz 199X’ hails from production company Cartridge Thunder and composer Josh Willis. Cartridge Thunder is known for throwback graphics and prints, and the production company’s limited edition vinyl release stays true to Donkey Kong nostalgia with a green vinyl and custom artwork.

Complete with 24 new tracks, gamers can enjoy 40 minutes of music based on the incredibly memorable Donkey Kong Country soundtrack for the Super NES. Each preorder will include a digital download of  “Jungle Groove”, one of the soundtrack’s new beats, and pressing of the vinyl is by Smashed Plastic in Chicago, IL.

Cartridge Thunder’s Head Creative and Digital Media Producer Jack Pochop calls the music, “a faithful reproduction of the ’94-’95 DKC soundtrack ‘DK Jamz.’ A longtime fan of the Donkey Kong games and passionate gamer, Jack enlisted in frequent collaborator and composer Josh Willis to bring this passion project to life. 

Preorders are available now, with shipping slated for February. 

Take a look at the complete Donkey Kong vinyl, “Banana 199x Jamz” below:




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