‘NCIS’ Season 17: Our wish list for the next Ziva episodes

She’s back for 2 more!

TVLine announced it last week: the next two Ziva episodes will air this year and the next, on December 17th and January 7th!

Truth to be told, even if it’s already been a few weeks since her last appearance on NCIS season 17, I still haven’t fully processed the fact that she is truly back. Who would have thought, after all these years?! Certainly not 20-year-old me, who cried so much when I learned that this character who followed me throughout my teenage years had died and left Tony… with a child nobody knew about before then.

Actually, I didn’t believe she was dead, but I didn’t think it would ever be confirmed on the show either. Yet here we are, about to see her again soon. To celebrate that, as well as her (and Cote de Pablo’s) birthday today, here are a few wishes for Ziva’s next two episodes on the show!

More scenes between Ziva and the new team

The first two Ziva episodes included an encounter with Ellie and Nick but what about the other new team members? As opposed to everyone else, Kasie didn’t seem to care much about meeting her, which could lead to some very interesting scenes between the two. Will she change her mind once she meets Ziva or will she still see her as just another person she doesn’t know?

I also hope that Ziva and Jack will meet.

After all, the two have a lot in common—starting with a daughter they had to abandon. No one could understand Ziva better than Jack on that particular topic. This could give way to some very emotional conversations. Ziva could open up about her anxiety, and we could learn more about both their daughters as well.

Of course, I also hope we’ll see more of Ziva with Ellie and Nick. Ellie is the one who first discovered that Ziva is alive, after all. And I love the way their relationship has been written so far. I feel like they could become great friends in the future, if Ziva were to stick around.

Plus, Ziva telling Nick to let Ellie know how he feels is something that seems to come straight out of fanfiction, yet it did happen on the show. She knows what it’s like, to repress your feelings for your partner for so long. And she doesn’t want her and Tony’s successors to make the same mistakes the two of them did in the past.

Now I just hope the writers won’t want to drag this new potential relationship for too long either.

More flashbacks

Now that we have Ziva back, maybe we could learn more about what she’s been up to during these past 6 years?! We know she’s been hiding after faking her death 3 years ago and we already saw some flashbacks of her and Adam after the explosion at her house. But what about before this time? If we do get a Ziva/Tali reunion, I feel like it would be even more emotional if we get some flashbacks of the two of them as well.

After all, we never saw them interact together. We didn’t even know Ziva was pregnant before she supposedly died—and, speaking of, I really need to know why she didn’t let Tony know about her pregnancy. Now would be a great time to show some glimpses of that past, then. For instance, I really need a flashback of Tali grabbing Ziva’s necklace before we (hopefully) see her do it again during their reunion.

I would also love to see some flashbacks between Ziva and Tony, using old deleted scenes of past seasons. Especially if they can’t bring Michael Weatherly back for a reunion. I’m sure there are a lot of scenes between them that we never saw before. This would be the perfect time to show some of them.

It could be like a nice holiday present they’re offering us!

A Ziva/Jimmy reunion

Have you seen the picture Brian Dietzen posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago?! It seems like the next Ziva episodes will feature a reunion between her and Jimmy! Poor Jimmy wanted it so bad, it’s only fair that he gets to see her again. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Indeed, as great as it is to see the new team interact with her, it’s also heartwarming to see Ziva with her old friends. Especially when said friends are so eager to see her.

Plus, we know Jimmy is still close to Tony, which could lead to some conversations about him and Tali. He could even maybe show Ziva some pictures of her daughter?

In any case, I can’t wait to see their reunion. Jimmy’s reaction to learning Ziva is alive was my favorite. I’m sure their reunion will be just as great—if not better. I also hope for some Ziva/Vance moment, as well as more scenes between her and McGee, of course.

A Ziva/Tony/Tali reunion

I mean, who doesn’t want to see that happening? After everything that this couple has been through (and we, too), they deserve to be reunited and happy!

Indeed, Tony and Ziva’s story is the longest TV slow burn I know. It literally took them eight seasons to finally kiss. Only once. As a farewell.

Yeah, welcome to the Tiva world. A reunion and getting to see them as a couple (and parents) even just for one episode would be long overdue, then.

I guess there are a lot of things to take into account for this reunion to happen, though. It’s not just a matter of whether the writers want this or not. And even if they ask him and he wants to come back too, it doesn’t mean Michael Weatherly will be able to do it. Especially since he has his own show now.

Still, if six years ago, you would have told me Ziva was going to be back on NCIS in 2019, I wouldn’t have believed you. I had lost all hopes of ever seeing her again. Yet, here she is.

So who knows? It seems like everything is possible. Now we just have to wait and see. If anything, she’ll most likely reunite at least with her daughter.

A happy ending

No matter what happens, whether she reunites with her whole family on-screen or off-screen, my biggest wish for these next Ziva episodes is that she gets a happy ending. I don’t think I could go through another painful ending for this character. She (and we) suffered enough. So, I really wish that at the end of these two episodes, all of her problems will be resolved and she’ll be able to start a new life.

Her next episode is the NCIS Christmas episode, so it can’t be too dark, right? We just have to hope that her last episode, on January 7th, won’t be either.

Most of all, I hope that even though she’s not on our screens anymore, she’ll stay in the life of the rest of the NCIS agents. I hope that they’ll keep in touch, once she’s out of danger. So that we might get some updates about her life from time to time. And who knows, maybe these next two episodes won’t be the last we see of her and she’ll be back on the show at some point, like for the 400th episode (which will air later this season) or the series finale?

They surprised us once—they could do it again.

And you, what are your wishes for the next Ziva episodes in NCIS? Do you think we might see more of her in the future? Hit the comments and let us know! In the meantime, you can watch NCIS on CBS every Tuesday night.


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