‘The Good Doctor’ 3×07 recap: “SFAD”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 7, “SFAD,” aired Nov. 11, 2019.

Okay, after last week’s episode, maybe you should be sure to have tissues or ice cream to soothe your tears. Hopefully you won’t need them, but you can never be too sure. Let’s dig into this week’s The Good Doctor!

Texting 101

Forever forgetting about Leah until the moment she has some dating advice for Shaun. In this episode, she offers text etiquette. Meanwhile, with Lim and Melendez, she cooked, well, warmed up a breakfast dish for him. I’m glad the show isn’t brushing off Melendez’s feelings over his last surgery. It has clearly left him unsettled. 

Melendez, Park and Shaun walking into their surgery to that music was so bad ass, and I loved that. Oh, Park laughing at their patient’s non joke was all kinds of awkward, though. On the other side of the hospital, Morgan, Claire and Andrews are with a young boy who will be undergoing a surgery that will leave him blind. When Morgan and Claire go to talk to him, they find the bed he was in completely empty. Weird.

On a mission

Turns out, the young patient ordered a ride out of the hospital, so Claire and Morgan are going to get him before anyone realizes he’s gone. They wind up at a baseball game, and Morgan is actually giving good advice to the boy. I need a moment to think about this turn of events.

Claire denying the patient fun, but Morgan wanting to give him some more moments of fun before he completely loses his eyesight…like I said, is unexpected! Oh my gosh! They are letting the kid drive. This is amazing and completely illegal, might I add. 

Leah and Shaun are still on a mission of texting Carly. She tells Shaun to text Carly that he misses her and hasn’t stopped thinking about her. However, Shaun responds promptly that he has stopped thinking about her during the day. Leah is totally right — that’s not what he should say. Not at all what he should say!

Under close inspection

Lim notices that Melendez hesitated during the surgery, and she suggests that maybe he needs to talk to someone. His last surgery is really affecting him, and I just feel so bad for the man. Lim goes to talk to him about dismissing Park’s idea. She tells Melendez to let Park suggest his idea to the patient. Annnnddd Melendez threatened Park for going over his head. Uh oh.

Shaun’s patient points out that his phone’s texts are super annoying. Now she’s willing to help him text Carly; well actually, she said she’d help him sext Carly. However, the conversation is cut short when Shaun tells her that Carly and him haven’t had sex yet. Then, he detects that his patient has an infection.

At the end of the episode, their patient walks out from her “bubble.” 

Heartfelt speeches

Morgan and Claire’s last stop with their patient is a strip club. Gotta say that was unexpected. The patient refuses to go back to the hospital and states that he isn’t getting the surgery. It’s then that Claire goes to have one of the famous Claire-talks with the boy. Thankfully, it ends up working.

Morgan decides to fulfill the patient’s last wish and lifts her shirt up for him… The young boy thanks Morgan for her help and for Claire’s help, too, but Claire is MIA. 

Glassman even tries to talk to Melendez. He tells Melendez that he isn’t actually as fine as he thinks. Melendez goes to Lim and admits that her personal feelzzzz (not exactly his words, but you get what I’m saying) toward him make her overestimate him. He’s blaming their relationship for his patient dying. This is not going to bode well for their relationship.

Debby, after quitting, still refuses to go back to the clinic. Even though Glassman did offer her some hella comfortable, though very ugly, shoes. Doesn’t take very long for Debby to agree to go back to the clinic.

More Madeline’s musings

  • I’m really enjoying the dynamics between Morgan and Claire this season. 
  • Not going to lie, I still have to look away when they do surgeries.
  • Debby and Glassman drama…which ends up with her quitting. Yikes!
  • Claire’s speech about having good moments and sucky moments in life is EVERYTHING.
  • Morgan tells Claire she needs to deal with her “crap” before she becomes this version of herself.

Overall, this was a very sweet episode of The Good Doctor. You know, amongst all the sadness and stuff. Nonetheless, the dynamics between all the patients and surgical team is very meaningful. What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Doctor? Sign off below or tweet us!

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