‘Shadowhunters’ celebrates yet another victory at the E! People’s Choice Awards

And the fandom pulls an epic #SaveShadowhunters stunt: A moving billboard truck!

Shadowhunters fans, how are we all doing after our glorious night yesterday? A PCA for our show and an amazing #SaveShadowhunters stunt – a lucky coincidence? More like a coordinated and long-planned effort by the never-tiring ShadowFam! Here’s what happened!

Ooops, they did it again: Another PCA for Shadowhunters

Yesterday evening, at the 45th E! People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, despite the strong competition and the current cancellation, Shadowhunters won “The SciFi/Fantasy Show.” What an incredible accomplishment! Cast members Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, and Luke Baines attended the award show and had nothing but love for the ShadowFam whose devotion and never-ending support made this victory possible.

A brief recap: The cancellation and the #SaveShadowhunters campaign

Before we catch up with the latest #SaveShadowhunters stunt, let’s recap briefly: It’s been seventeen months (but who’s counting, right?) since the award-winning TV series apparently fell victim to some untimely powerplay between networks and corporations and ended up canceled. Fans moved heaven and earth to get their show back. Their efforts are comprehensively documented in the digital archive “A Fandom’s heartbeat” which houses everything from the #SaveShadowhunters campaign – including, but not limited to quotes from the media, links to articles, tweets from fans, cast and crew, data (ratings/Twitter analytics) and campaign achievements.

Shadowhunters - Happy cancelversary
Screenshot of “A Fandom’s Heartbeat” /Provided by @MalecFicLibrary

The story behind the latest #SaveShadowhunters stunt

The PCAs and the ShadowFam: Old friends

However, so far the powers that be proved to quite stubborn – but so are the fans! If we have learned one thing, then it is this: Never underestimate the loyalty of the ShadowFam. Even though it’s been fairly quiet in recent months, that doesn’t mean fans have given up. On the contrary: Resistance is still strong. Nothing proved that better than the stunt they pulled last night at the PCAs.

The popular award show wasn’t chosen randomly for the location of the latest PR stunt. Last year Shadowhunters took over the People’s Choice Awards by winning all their write-in-categories. It was an impressive victory march unprecedented in PCA history and certainly caught worldwide media attention. Even BBC News, the largest broadcaster in the world, reported on how a “Cancelled TV show [swept] People’s Choice Awards.” Fun fact: To make sure they were not blindsided like that again, the PCAs even changed their voting rules this year.

Moreover, with the final episodes of season 3b aired in May 2019, the PCAs might also have been the last big opportunity to draw attention to Shadowhunters and the ongoing campaign to save the show.

The latest campaign stunt: A moving billboard truck

The fan group @saveSHAlliance certainly took this chance to celebrate the series and shine a spotlight on their love for Shadowhunters and the #SaveShadowhunters campaign efforts once again. Not only did they organize the crowd-funded moving billboard truck, but they even gained Ruelle’s permission to use her hit “Where we come alive” for the video displayed on the truck. Epic!

#SaveShadowhunters stunt at the 45th PCAs
The billboard truck. Picture taken by Billboard Express Inc.
#SaveShadowhunters stunt at the 45th PCAs
The billboard truck. Picture taken by Billboard Express Inc.

Thoughtful and deep: The concept of the video

Knowing the ShadowFam, it doesn’t surprise us that a lot of time and consideration went into the video and its concept. All in all, the video captures the show’s main message and sums up the ongoing efforts to #SaveShadowhunters: Keep on fighting for the people and things you believe in, no matter how difficult it may seem.  

It starts with a sequence of Shadowhunters characters along with their most meaningful quotes, delving deep into the underlying show messages of love, hope, acceptance, and equality. Then there’s an abrupt cut and white noise, symbolizing the unexpected cancellation and the birth of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign. The campaign is introduced in the next part by the spinning globe displaying pictures of the worldwide movement. Finally, it ends with the message that summarizes the ShadowFam’s collective goal: “On the move to find a new home for the People’s Choice Award winner Shadowhunters.” Goosebumps guaranteed!

Please note that the video below shows the social media version of the clip. The version on the truck had Ruelle’s “Where we come alive” for the #SaveShadowhunters campaign part.




Cast, crew, and fans expressed their appreciation for the award and the amazing stunt on social media. Their reactions to seeing the billboard truck ranged from speechless to overwhelmed.







Congratulations, ShadowFam! You did it again. You drew attention to your cause and showed the world that you are still loud. We love the way you celebrate your love for Shadowhunters and will continue to watch and report! More pictures of the stunt can be found under the hashtag #ShadowFamDelivers.

If you want another opportunity to celebrate Shadowhunters, its cast, crew, and fandom, visit Heroes of the Shadow World, the first convention about the TV series Shadowhunters in North America.

Want to read up on our Shadowhunters coverage? You can do so here!


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