‘Batwoman’ recap: 1×06 “I’ll be Judge, I’ll be Jury”

Batwoman recap Season 1, Episode 6, “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury” Aired Nov. 10, 2019.

Cue the soundbite of a trumpet going “waa-waa”, because the latest Batwoman was just alright. Not as strong as previous episodes, but it did let Kate relieve some of her anger at her father, so that’s a plus.

Let’s get into it:

The Executioner

Batwoman includes their own commentary on capital punishment with this villain of the week. One thing I do like about Batwoman is how they do their social commentary. Admittedly, having a villain called “The Executioner” is very clearly on the nose. But it wasn’t hamfisted in the plot, it was a natural progression. It also wasn’t a “Very Special Episode” where I get patted on the head and receive some animal crackers and a juice box.

Not a particularly exciting villain, but his costume and motivation was eery enough for passing grade on “the villain of the week” scale. Maybe it’s just anything that reminds me of The Green Mile bums me out, and not in a good way?

But anyways, The Executioner kills corrupt judicial officials, and Batwoman stops him.

Mary and Sophie

After Sophie is shot by a trap set by The Executioner, Kate takes her to Mary’s secret clinic. And BTW, in case you didn’t know, Sophie knows Kate is Batwoman. I know! We’re shocked. Truly. (Hopefully my sarcasm translates on your phones/laptops/whatever you’re reading this on).

And can we talk about how Mary is just the best person ever? She never fails to drag Sophie for her treatment of Kate, but like in a nice way? Mary is stern in her protectiveness of Kate but she presents it in a way where I just expected Sophie to say, “thank you for your constructive criticism, Mary.”

All in all, I would like Mary Hamilton to host my Comedy Central Roast.

However, we also get the feeling that there’s more to the Sophie and Kate breakup then the whole not-signing-the-paper thing and the whole maybe-not-out-of-the-closet-but-also-Sophie-doesn’t-need-to-label-her-sexuality-to-be-valid thing.

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Sophie struggles with whether or not to tell Jacob that Kate is Batwoman. And she decides not to when she sees them seemingly-make up.


Kate is feeling guilty that she was so close to rescuing Beth, but didn’t. Sidebar, I don’t think Jacob was neglectful in his search for Beth. She literally was in a car that fell off a bridge and into a river. Also, with her mom that was actually found dead. It’s totally reasonable to assume that a thirteen/twelve year old wouldn’t survive that once she hasn’t been found after six months. Everyone would assume she was dead.

However, I’m not a twin so I can’t speak on Kate and Beth’s apparent twin-tuition… but that scene where they’re on both sides of the door were effective. I wanted Beth to call out! I wanted Kate to just open the door! But neither of them did, and it changed their lives forever.

But she forgave her father. She recognized that the guilt she feels, he probably feels as well. They share a sweet moment that makes me hope that this relationship will be a constant in the series, considering the superhero genre has a penchant for killing off parents.


Looks like they are setting up the internal struggle within Gotham’s big baddie. Beth or Alice? Alice or Beth? Can one survive while the other thrives? Can one ever truly be gone?

Mouse becomes jealous of Kate, and Alice’s apparent affection for her sister because she hasn’t killed her yet. And I’m fascinated where this might go.

Stray Musings:

  • I need more info on Sophie STAT because you’re losing me on this character.
  • I wish I felt more connected to Luke this stage in the game, but his role has really just been being annoyed at everything. It was hard to really feel much about the loss of his father.
  • I don’t think prosthetic face masks work that way?
  • Mary feeling like she needs to cultivate a social media persona that’s different from her real life work ethic, is quite sad. I’d like to go into more detail about that.
  • And Mary needs to learn that Kate is Batwoman. But I have a feeling that’s going to be a season finale reveal.
  • Why was that guard so (pardon me) ~horny~? Yucky. He thought he would just get busy with Batwoman, no biggie. I don’t think anyone had the audacity to stop The Green Arrow when he was about to arrow-you to flirt? Men, smh.

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