‘Titans’ recap: 2×10 “Fallen”

Everything is falling apart.

Titans s2e10 “Fallen” came out on 8 Nov 2019.

How the mighty fall. Dick, once part of the police force, finds himself on the other side of the law. Rachel is back on the streets. Conner ends up back in Cadmus. Things look dire for the Titans.

Robin returns…sort of

Dick has been sentenced to 7 years in correctional facility. He doesn’t get on splendidly with his cellmates (does Dick get along with anyone?). However, he still warns them of their slim odds of escaping.

His cellmates, who are refugees, plan to escape anyway as they await a worse fate if deported. One of them tells Dick of a deity from their village that he believes will help them escape. He carves a symbol on the wall of their cell – some kind of bird.

During the attempted escape, the guards quickly overpower the inmates and begin to beat them up unnecessarily. Until the bird – well, Dick – swoops in. The guards are no match for Dick’s chops. Dick buys enough time for the refugees to escape, but lets himself be re-apprehended. He’s still intent on serving time for using Jericho.

Rachel finds her crew

While Dick is punishing himself in prison, some of the other Titans are frantically trying to get ahold of him. One of them is Donna, who has had no luck finding Rachel after the girl’s runaway.

In a food kitchen, Rachel befriends another young girl. When an older guy (a brother?) shows up and appears to be dictating the girl, Rachel chases him to an alley and scares him off with her powers. That seals her friendship with the girl.

Unbeknownst to Rachel, some of her black energy dissociates from her and possesses a stone gargoyle that kills the guy. Donna finds his mangled corpse, and probably thinks Rachel has lost control.

Rachel’s new friend leads her to a little hideout where a group of other runaway girls have been living. Looks like Rachel finally has some friends her age. Do all these other girls have powers?

Krypto is the bestest boy

Poor Mercy. Conner’s reappearance interrupts her family’s vacation plans.

Connor realises he is a wanted man. He sends Krypto away so they won’t impound the dog when Conner gets caught. NO. That is the saddest scene ever.

Krypto isn’t giving up on Conner however. He returns to Titans tower and gets Gar’s attention via the security camera. Clever dog!

Gar finds Connor and helps him escape an initial wave of Cadmus officers. Back at the tower, he tries and fails again to call both Dick and Bruce Wayne.

Cadmus officers soon attack the tower. Mercy initially orders Gar to be killed, but gains an interest when he shifts into tiger form. She pretends to be an associate of Eve’s to trick Conner into giving himself, Gar, and Krypto up.

At Cadmus, Mercy pretends to be civil with Gar. She codedly asks him to let them study him, maybe weaponise him. Gar sees through the ruse and declares, “What I wanna be is a Titan.”

That’s a sweet sentiment, considering that the Titans don’t look very much like a thing right now. He might have said too much, though, as Mercy now plots to use Gar to bait the other Titans.

Fortunately for Gar, Donna has returned to the tower and finds it thrashed. Surely she can track him down?

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