‘The Good Place’ recap: 4×07 “Help Is Other People”

The Good Place recap: Season 4, Episode 7, “Help Is Other People,” Aired Nov. 7, 2019

Hey, benches! The Good Place 4×07 opened with a crazy fast forward. It’s the end of the first year of the experiment! As usual, things don’t go at all smoothly for Team Cockroach, so how will they handle things when the clock is running out on the experiment (feat. two coherent analogies from Jason)?

Simone’s investigation

There were only hours left of the experiment when Simone told the other humans that something was wrong with the neighborhood and she suspected it involved them. John told her about Jason not being a silent monk, thinking that might be relevant to her investigation, and Jason’s presence in the Good Place only supported her theory that the humans were a part of an experiment. She certainly cracked that case there.

“Muffin and Ducky are on the case”

Simone dragged Chidi around Eleanor’s office to look for proof that Eleanor and Michael have been lying to the humans. Simone found the board where Eleanor sorted the four humans and only those four – no one else in the neighborhood. Definitely suspicious.

Chidi, in attempt to lessen Simone’s investigation, told Simone that they’re soulmates, and she only used this as further evidence Michael and Eleanor have been lying to them. After all, why would they tell only Chidi and not Simone if they were soulmates? Not to mention, Simone doesn’t believe in soulmates anyway.

The Good Place 4x07 recap Help Is Other People Ted Danson as Michael this is the bad place
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Earth magic


Meanwhile, at the end of the year party, Michael’s magic trick “went wrong,” causing Brent to fall into a giant hole. Brent was the victim of the hole because he was the one where the other humans had the least amount of reasons to help, thereby giving them more points if they did save him. 

Unfortunately, only Chidi stayed behind to help Brent as Simone and John tried to get out of the neighborhood. As a result, things weren’t looking too great for humanity.

“This is the Bad Place”

Finally, Eleanor and Michael “rescued” Chidi and Brent from the hole and led Chidi to the realization that “this is the Bad Place.” Eleanor and Michael played along and told the two they were headed for the actual Bad Place now that the experiment was over in the hopes Brent would make a last-minute improvement. 

And it looked like it was going to be a success. Even more, Brent started to apologize to Chidi, aaaaaaand…

… The experiment ended mid-“sorry.”

The Good Place 4x07 recap Help Is Other People Jameela Jamil as Tahani and Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza
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I’m definitely going to be slightly panicked all the way to next week. Drink up, my friends. We’re going to need it. Besides, it’s 0 o’clock somewhere. 


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