‘Single Parents’ 2×07 recap: “Xander and Camille”

Douglas has a son?!

Single Parents 2×07 “Xander and Camille” aired November 6, 2019.

This new season of Single Parents seems to be full of secrets being revealed. Indeed, after learning about Rory and his true age earlier this season, we discovered something new about Douglas’ family in last night’s episode. Also, Will tried to teach Miggy a lesson about parenting.

Let’s see what exactly went down in Single Parents 2×07!

A hookup gone wrong

If the title of this new episode might sound a little confusing at first—who are Xander and Camille?!—, the mystery gets resolved in the first few minutes. Indeed, while on a girls’ night out with Poppy, Angie complains about being alone. Poppy suggests she should try and be someone else for a night. Enters Camille, Angie’s upbeat, fun, positive alter ego.

That’s how she introduces herself to a man (Xander) drinking alone at the counter of the bar. The two talk for a while before heading to his place. Things could (and should) have ended the next morning, with her giving him a fake phone number. Unfortunately for Angie, while writing the number down on a notebook Xander gives her, she notices it has Douglas’ name on it.

A few more research makes her find Xander’s full name—Xander Fogerty—as well as a picture taken with Douglas. She realizes then that she had a one-night stand… with Douglas’ son. Ew.

But more importantly: Douglas has a son?!

Single Parents 2×07
ABC/Tony Rivetti

A complicated father-son relationship

After making that discovery, Angie goes straight to Poppy to tell her everything. Of course, Poppy is just as shocked as Angie to learn about this secret son. She confronts Douglas about it, who tells her that he and Xander haven’t talked to each other in a while. He also tells her about his mother and their short marriage.

Poppy then invites Xander at Douglas’ house so that they can talk. Things don’t go too well between them at first, especially when Angie shows up and has to find an excuse as to what she’s doing here—or rather, what Camille is doing here. She does help Xander accept to talk to his father, though.

The four of them gather together, and Douglas and Xander reveal they haven’t talked to each other in 2 years… because of a game of golf. Indeed, Xander accuses Douglas of cheating while his father maintains that he called the game off because of an upcoming storm. To settle things, the two agree to have another game.

But before they start, Poppy talks with Douglas again. She tells him that what Xander needs isn’t to win this game, but his father. Douglas apologizes to Xander and tells him he’s proud of him, which leads to Xander forgiving him.

Poppy’s right. Douglas is an undercover sweetheart.

It hasn’t been mentioned, but I’m curious to know if Amy and Emma knew about their brother. And if not, I’d love to see the three of them interact. I hope this is not the last we saw of him—but with Angie saying she needs to talk to him (implying that she needs to tell him the truth about her identity), I guess he will come back at some point.

single parents 2×07
ABC/Tony Rivetti

Will and Miggy VS. the kids

In the meantime, Will and Miggy have to deal with a very different problem. Well, not so different, since it still involves children.

When he learns that the kids stole Miggy’s credit card to order some pizza, Will tries to tell Miggy that he needs to improve his discipline skills. To prove his point, he takes away the kids’ iPads as a way to punish them. Forced to go play outside and lost without their tablets (thank you, Sophie, for making me feel old!), the kids decide to take revenge by locking Miggy in a closet once Will has left the house.

Will has to come back from work to help him out. But, when he wants to leave again, he realizes that the kids managed to steal his and Miggy’s phones.

Of course, they won’t give the phones back so easily. After some negotiation, it’s settled that the phones would be exchanged with the kids’ devices. Once their iPads retrieved, the kids realize with horror that the Wi-Fi isn’t working. Miggy tricked them; and now, they have to do some chores if they want to get the precious password.

In the end, it’s thanks to both Will and Miggy’s different discipline skills that they managed to teach the kids a lesson. I must say, I like this duo. I need more of them together. And I’m glad that we’re finally seeing more of Miggy!

Some more thoughts

  • At this point, I feel like the twins are mostly here to deliver some funny lines then disappear. Which is a shame, because they’re awesome! They need to get their own storylines.
  • “I guess I’ll never meet anyone and I’ll die alone.” This is a sentence I heard quite often while watching my TV shows, and especially my sitcoms. We all know this is not true. We all know Angie and Will will end up together and live happily ever after—no matter when this happens.
  • I might be only 23 but I won’t lie, sometimes these kids make me feel old, like in that scene of them not knowing what to do when Will told them to go play outside.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×07? Hit the comments and let us know!


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