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‘The Flash’ 6×05 recap: “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach”

Trust no one. Not even yourself.

The Flash season 6 episode 5, “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach”, aired on 5 Nov 2019.

It’s November, Halloween is over, Christmas is here, yada yada. But man should this have been the Halloween week episode for The Flash. “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” is not the typical horror. It’s a thriller, a good old murder mystery. A different kind of scare.

Cisco naturally took center stage this week as Barry and Iris decided to take some time off for themselves. (In other words, they finally get to finish their previously interrupted honeymoon.) However, we first see him getting arrested by something looking like the MI6. What the heck happened?

Can’t get no sleep these days

To help him run Star Labs without Barry, Cisco has programmed B.A.R.I. – Barry Allen Replication Intelligence. B.A.R.I. is essentially an AI that acts like Barry and has his preferences.

Star Labs end up the least of his problems though. That night, Cisco learns from Kamilla that he has been sleepwalking. Then, Breacher ambles in, sits on the bed and drops the bomb: Gypsy is dead.


Since Vibe is no more, Cisco investigates the old-fashioned way. He encounters the condescending investigators from E19. On top of that, people keep interrupting his time with Kamilla. Breacher also warns that Cisco might be suffering from breach psychosis – blackouts and hallucinations from suppressing the vibe.

Cisco and Breacher manage to share a vibe of the incident, and see that Echo is…Cisco?! Kamilla also discovers the murder weapon in Cisco’s workshop. It seems Cisco did it in his breach psychosis.

the flash cisco ramon
the CW

Kamilla rocks

Seriously. I love this girl. No jealousy regarding Gypsy. Supportive of her boyfriend but also assertive for herself.

Kamilla gives pep talk 1 this week, convincing Cisco that there is more to this mystery. She also points out that he lacks faith in himself, from developing B.A.R.I. to make decisions to accepting his fate.

So back to the opening scene. The E19 agents and Breacher come to arrest Cisco, but they end up arresting a hologram. Cisco traps them in the cortex to confront the real culprit: Cisco Ramon.

Echo is his doppelganger.

Echo hacked Cisco’s white noise machine to make him sleepwalk so he would think he killed Gypsy. The two Ciscos fight, and our Cisco tricks Echo into trapping himself in an anti-vibe field. The E19 agents take the correct Cisco away. Josh thanks Cisco and Kamilla and invites them both to Cynthia’s remembrance.

It was great seeing Breacher recognise Kamilla, rounding out a fantastic episode for the photographer. I thought the episode did a good job being respectful to both Cisco/Kamilla and Cisco/Cynthia relationships. Also, Breacher’s reaction to Cisco accidentally dropping the ‘L’ word was priceless. Great to have Danny Trejo back.

When The Flash is on vacay…

Barry assigned Ralph and Killer Frost to look for Ramsey, who hasn’t been seen since the hospital. Norvok tips Frost off about some new victims, and her “life coach” Ralph has to make sure Frost doesn’t make any rash decisions.

Caitlin tries talking to Ramsey as herself but it obviously doesn’t go well. Interestingly, Ramsey says he can give Caitlin and all her friends immortality – possibly tempting considering either Barry or everyone else is going to die.

Meanwhile, Joe follows Nash into the sewers. Both men get trapped and are running out of oxygen. Joe is happy to wait for someone to get them out while Nash doesn’t believe anyone will help them. While Joe tries to teach Nash to have faith, he mentions the Monitor, which intrigues Nash.

the flash harrison nash wells
the CW

Eventually, the Elongated Man saves Joe and Nash. Back at CCPD, Nash claims to know how to save Barry. He must know something about the Monitor that the team don’t.

How was that for an episode? The side plots weren’t much to be honest, but I enjoyed the main storyline so much it didn’t matter.

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