‘Stumptown’ 1×06 recap: “Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll,” aired Nov. 6, 2019.

Alright, here we go. We are going punk in this episode! You know that feeling when your ship starts dating other people, and therefore, that ship does not sail? Yeah, that’s what this episode of Stumptown made me feel. After last week’s episode, let’s see what happens!

Heyyy punk

Hoffman is a little uneasy about being at a punk concert, but Dex is in her zone. Just as Fiona X hits the stage, she dedicates the song to Dex, who is one of her exes from about 10 years ago. Hoffman decides he wants to show Dex his world, which is bowling. Not a jazz music concert like she thought. Ha!

Fiona comes to Dex with a case — she’s being stalked. And she ends up tackling the wrong guy who was just “trying to get a selfie”  at the concert. Bro.

Dex and Grey are not on great terms right now. That makes me sad, VERY SAD. Ansel calls Grey out on it, too. As they’re chatting, a woman comes in with a tour, stating Bad Alibi is hella haunted. Welp. Omg, they are flirting, which I am not here for, you guys. Ansel doesn’t seem very impressed by it either. Same, Ansel, same.

Old flames and new friendships

Fiona’s manager tells Dex that there actually is no stalker. He tells her that Fiona merely has an active imagination, and he wants Dex to play along with it. Dex tells Fiona that Hoffman and she aren’t a thing, and she doesn’t know what she wants. A bit later, an envelope is delivered with a picture of Fiona in the hotel room. Creepy.

Hoffman asks one of his female coworkers about his relationship (kinda relationship?) with Dex. She tells him to let Dex know how he feels…like with words and stuff. Woah, words!

Tookie takes his food truck issues to Cosgrove, and they have a bonding moment. Turns out she LOVED his mother’s restaurant when she first moved to town. Small world! He even brings her some of his food as a thank you.

Just being awesome and such

Fiona tells Hoffman to be careful with Dex. Later, Dex and her hook up. Hoffman goes to find who he believes to be stalking Fiona, and he finds a creepy shrine of her in the room. He warns Dex to be on the look out, and when Fiona asks if everything is okay, Dex lies and says it’s all good.

Cosgrove goes to Tookie for a food-related favor. She has him taste a cheesesteak egg roll that she made. Is it just me or does that sound amazing? I’m liking their budding friendship. It’s unlikely, which usually makes for interesting friendships! Seriously, where can I get one of those cheesesteak egg roll?

As Dex and Fiona are walking to the elevator, they come across the stalker. Big yikes. Dex tells Fiona to press the emergency button while she knocks out the stalker. You go, girl.

*Plays Nick Jonas’s “Jealous”*

Ansel is not liking Grey and this woman’s budding romance. Does she have a name — did I miss it? Maybe I just ignored it because I am not shipping it. *Shrugs* Ansel asks Grey why she’s still at the bar, and he hastily exits the room. Ah, her name is Liz.

Hoffman has a crush. It’s really kinda of cute actually! Meanwhile, Dex and Grey start fighting. In fact, she even tells Liz to get out. Ohhhh….tension! Ansel comes out to ask if Grey’s going to leave like his mom and dad, which hurts my heart! I really want the story about their parents. Grey tells Ansel that he’ll never leave them. Awww.

Turns out her manager was the one writing notes. Dang — that’s so shady. He should 100% get fired. Hoffman ends up arresting him instead. It’s what he deserves.

More musings

  • Idk. Do I ship Grey/Dex or Hoffman/Dex? I am about as confused as all the parties involved.
  • Fiona’s outfits are on point.
  • Fiona asks Dex to join her on tour, but Dex says she’s not the same person she was when they first met.
  • That sherpa jacker Grey is wearing, yes.
  • Dex’s bowling skills are on the same level as mine.

What did you think of episode 6 of Stumptown? Sound off below or tweet us your response! Things seem to be getting awkward in the next episode of Stumptown, which I am here for.

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