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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×05 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Hello, Superfans! This week’s episode turned the spotlight onto Andrea Rojas and her family. Check out what our favorite reporter uncovered!

Crime Syndicate

Kara Danvers puts her reporter hat back on, for this week’s episode. It is so nice to see Kara doing more reporting this season. Last year she seemed to be Supergirl all the time. She finally has some balance back in her life. 

She and William meet. He reveals to her that he has been tracking Andrea and her family for the past two years. William has followed many leads offering up to one conclusion. The Rojas’ family is behind one of the biggest crime syndicates in the world. 

The only problem is he needs solid proof. Every time he is close to finding it someone goes missing or dies. Kara strikes a deal with William. She will use Alex’s resources at the DEO to help his investigation if he brings her on as his partner. Kara will let him take the credit, she just wants justice. The two team up. 

Rip Roar

Where did William’s suspicion of the Rojas’ come from? Several years ago his best mate Russell Rogers was killed. William believes it was an assassin by the name Rip Roar. Cut to a scene two seconds later, of a man that looks identical to Doc Oc breaking in to an army facility. 

  • We find out he stole a high powered laser from Lex’s vault. 
  • The laser combined with another material is more powerful that the heat of the sun. 
  • Kara and William try to figure out what the Rojas’ want it for.

Alex is not convinced Andrea Rojas is actually involved in any of this. She is the only one that approaches this as any other case. Someone has to keep their head about things! Literally there has been no proof Andrea is evil! For some reason Kara sides with William. (This better not be Mon-El all over again.)


FINALLY Eve’s interaction with the Leviathan woman at the end of last season comes back into play. Leviathan is huge in the comics and I have been patiently waiting. Unbeknownst to the team, Leviathan hired Rip Roar. 

  1. Rip Roar is to use the weapon at the Obsidian Dream VR launch. 
  2. The Laser gun will shoot into the ice caps in Antartica. 
  3. It will make the entire Pacific Ocean flood. 

Everyone on the coast will die. J’onn and Supergirl head to Antartica. Dreamer stays in National City to help the people there. Essentially J’onn and Supergirl made a reverse funnel and funneled the melted ice cap into the ground. Supergirl used her ice breath to seal it back in. 

Meanwhile, all of us at home watching these events have no idea how any of that was scientifically possible, but we will move on. The day is saved for now. No shock to anyone, Alex finds out that Rip Roar is actually Russell Rogers. William is devastated. 

Luthor Mind Control

I know what you are thinking. No, I did not forget about Lena Luthor. I never could! Eve and Lena have Maliki locked up in her lab. Lena wants to use the Q waves to capture Maliki’s inception frequency. He refuses to help them unless he gets something in return. He wants Lena to remove the Brother’s curse from his brain, so he can kill J’onn. 

Lena agrees. (No she doesn’t.) He agrees to help her figure out how to control people’s ability to want to hurt. We can all agree Lena has lost her mind. The problem is she is stuck with an Eve AI and no one else. With that type of isolation, your descent into madness is imminent. In the end they figure it out. 

Maliki thinks Lena has lifted his curse. 

“Do you actually think I would let you do the very thing, I mean to stop?”

Big reveal: Lena incepted Maliki! Does Lena have powers now? Is she using the Obsidian tech? Who knows? We will find out next week!

Supergirl airs Sunday nigts, 9pm, on The CW. 


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