Misha Collin’s New Family Business: ‘The Adventurous Eaters Club’ cookbook

The Adventurous Eaters Club is on sale NOW!

Supernatural star, Misha Collins has worn many hats. He is an actor, a poet, a scavenger hunt leader, and even a former White House intern! Misha (with his wife, Vicki Collins) can now add cookbook writer to that list because The Adventurous Eaters Club is out now and it’s already an Amazon Bestseller!

“When my wife and I first became parents, feeding our kids was a struggle. Every meal was a battle — and we usually lost. It was all about convenience. We were exhausted, overwhelmed parents in survival mode. But when our toddler hid some unauthorized, unusual groceries in our shopping cart and we let him cook us dinner with these ingredients, it opened our eyes to another path — one that reinvented our family’s relationship with food forever. This cookbook is the story of that transformation and how healthy food became a source of joy, adventure, laughter, and connection.” – Misha Collins

The Adventurous Eaters Club is out now! It’s a collection of family-friendly recipes that promote healthy, fun mealtimes with your family and includes stories about the eating adventures of the Collins family. As an added bonus, all of the book sale proceeds will be donated to non-profits!


This book isn’t just for families! We all know at least one grown-up who still orders chicken tenders whenever they go out to eat. This book is a fun way to expand on anyone’s limited mealtime outlook! And with the holidays coming up, nothing says “I love you/expand your eating horizons” like this cookbook! 

Book Synopsis 

Chicken nuggets. Hot dogs. Macaroni and cheese. These are just some of the greatest hits we offer kids at mealtime.

Misha and Vicki Collins totally get it. When their son West was a toddler, he began refusing anything that wasn’t bland and beige. At first, they succumbed, anything to end the mealtime battles. But with sinking hearts they realized fruit snacks and buttered noodles weren’t just void of nutrition, they were setting him up for a lifetime with a limited palate and a reliance on convenience foods.

So, as a family, they decided to lean into what they love best—adventure—and invited their kids to be playful and exploratory in the kitchen. Now, in The Adventurous Eaters Club, Misha and Vicki share how they created a home where mealtime doesn’t involve coercion or trickery, and where salad, veggies, fresh soups, and fruit are the main course. Combining personal anecdotes and practical tips with over 100 creative, delicious, whimsical recipes little hands can help prepare The Adventurous Eaters Club offers readers all the support, encouragement, and practical advice they need to make lifelong adventurous eaters out of their kids. 

You can purchase your copy of The Adventurous Eaters Club on Amazon, or anywhere books are sold! If you make any recipes from the cook book, make sure you tweet us a picture!

Happy cooking and adventuring! 


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